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Thread: The American Revolution Mod 2018 Update v2 Released! (replaced by 2019 update)

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    Icon3 The American Revolution Mod 2018 Update v2 Released! (replaced by 2019 update)

    It's been a LONNNNNNNG time coming but here's a patch to fix long standing issues with the Options Menu in the Launcher and true fix for the Uninstaller. (Finally!)
    Even the the old uninstaller hotfix was broken. This 2018 Update will correct those issues. Merry Xmas!

    TAR v2.0 2019 UPDATE - REQUIRED! (24.6mb)
    Click Here to Download the 2019 Update

    The American Revolution Mod Launcher Issues Corrected:
    Play Buttons Fixed (2019)
    Application Load Error Fixed (2019)
    (This error only occurs when Empire and Steam are installed to different drives)
    Grenades Option fixed
    Artillery Fast Reload Option fixed (was causing TAR missing files error)
    Enlarged Deployment Zones Enabled Option Fxed
    Fonts Size option fixed
    Unit Pack Compatibility updated to latest version as of December 2018
    Markers Option Fixed
    TAR Units Availability Option Fixed
    Forgotten Settings Issue Fixed
    Warpath Restrictions Removed
    Uninstaller Fixed
    Liberty Video Links Updated

    Installation Instructions (Updated Jan 2019):
    1. - Uninstall any old versions of TAR that you may have installed.
    2. - Insure that vanilla is working, verify ETW Files as needed
    3. - Install TAR 2.0 Public Beta 2 (but don't start the Launcher yet!)
    4. - Install the TAR 2.0 2019 Update
    5. - Use The American Revolution Mod icon on your desktop to Configure and Play!
    (Please Note: the TAR Launcher needs to stay open while playing the mod!)

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