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Thread: Andalusian elections of 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aexodus View Post
    If PSOE isn’t partial to illegal immigration, why did it welcome the Aquarius boat?

    1 month later - Spain new main entry point for African migrants.

    After Salvini closing the door, the Spanish socialist party’s welcome to migrants means that it will now get the same experience as Italy did. Watch as anti-mass migration parties on the left and right begin to emerge.

    Spain has recently become the main arrival point, with Andalusia being mainly affected.

    One more time, why are they far right?
    applying for asylum isnt illegal. an immigrant is illegal once he enters without submitting to the process, or stays without the right to do so. how is this simple legal fact so hard to understand? you cant be an illegal immigrant if you havent immigrated illegally yet. do i have to explain this with pictures, or can we drop the scapegoating? because scapegoating someone for something they havent done is as far-right as it gets. democratically minded conservatives are not supposed to engage in creating scapegoats, are they?

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    Once you have crossed 2-3 safe countries, you aren't an asylum seeker any longer. An asylum seeker seeks refuge, I'm willing to concede that. But if he crossed multiple potential refuges to come to my country because we offer more free stuff, he's no longer an asylum seeker, he's a welfare tourist. Refugee laws need to be changed so that if you crossed safe countries on your path, you are no longer eligible as refugees. This farce needs to end.

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