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Thread: WFS2 Hot Seat.

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    Default WFS2 Hot Seat.

    Hello Dear WFS2 Team,

    Congratulations for this Great Mod!

    How can I select the others campaign for playing an HS on this Amazing Mod?

    an other thing, I noticed that, no more than 8 factions could be used (selected) by the payers....

    any advices or patches?
    (for fix these things and also for fix the CTD when lauch the game...)
    and for character's nname wrote in latin alphabet (in order to be able to be able to read)

    Thanks so much
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    Default Re: WFS2 Hot Seat.

    Hey there! In few days we will release new version 1.3 with partially machine english translation and fix for hot-seat selection faction screen. Wait a little bit, please

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