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Thread: Australia, USA, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Israel refuse to sign UN global compact for migration

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    Default Australia, USA, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Israel refuse to sign UN global compact for migration

    A number of countries have refused to signg the non-legally binding document, including Australia citing that the deal made an inadequate distinction between legal and illegal immigrants particularly with regards to welfare and benefits.

    Morrison said in a statement that his government believes the pact, as currently written, is not in Australia's interest and will not "add anything to enhancing our capacity to control our borders and manage our successful immigration program."
    "The Compact fails to adequately distinguish between people who enter Australia illegally and those who come to Australia the right way, particularly with respect to the provision of welfare and other benefits," the statement read.
    The Chancellor of Austria’s statement read

    "We view some points of the migration pact very critically, such as the mixing up of seeking protection with labour migration.”
    Switzerland has delayed the pact for it to be debated in parliament,

    In October, the government announced that it planned to adopt the pact with certain caveats, saying Switzerland’s migration policy already implemented the recommendations. It added that the treaty would be put to parliament for consultation as required by law.However, the government has rejected proposals to let parliament have the final say on the issue.
    The non-binding pact has prompted criticism from various political parties in the Swiss parliament, notably from the right. They argue the treaty would undermine Switzerland’s independence.
    and Italy has done the same just within the last hour.

    ANSA) - Rome, November 28 - Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Wednesday that Italy will not take part in an intergovernmental conference in Marrakech next month to adopt the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.
    "Just like the Swiss, who carried forward the Global Compact up until yesterday and then said 'everyone stop', the Italian government will not sign anything and will not go to Marrakech," Salvini told the Lower House.
    "The floor of parliament must debate it. The Italian government will allow parliament to decide". Premier Giuseppe Conte also said the government will not do anything until parliament has expressed a view.
    UN officials have criticised said countries.

    The pact’s objectives are as follows:

    The global compact comprises 23 objectives for better managing migration at local, national, regional and global levels. The compact:
    • aims to mitigate the adverse drivers and structural factors that hinder people from building and maintaining sustainable livelihoods in their countries of origin;
    • intends to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities migrants face at different stages of migration by respecting, protecting and fulfilling their human rights and providing them with care and assistance;
    • seeks to address the legitimate concerns of states and communities, while recognizing that societies are undergoing demographic, economic, social and environmental changes at different scales that may have implications for and result from migration;
    • strives to create conducive conditions that enable all migrants to enrich our societies through their human, economic and social capacities, and thus facilitate their contributions to sustainable development at the local, national, regional and global levels.

    The list of the 23 objectives can be found in paragraph 16 of the Global Compact for Migration.
    It does seem that the Pact has completely bypassed national parliaments, and instead is being agreed elsewhere.

    Are you in favour of the pact for safe and orderly mass migration, or does it undermine sovereignty?
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    I don't understand, clearly if white people simply made better choices to treat others as their equal there wouldn't be all of this justified pushback.

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    Default Re: Australia, USA, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Israel refuse to sign UN global compact for migration

    I do not see what is the purpose of this document in the first place, and it's a load of bull...well, you know.

    It's just UN making puppy eyes and asking "But we're all in this together, right?....Please?".

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