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Thread: Welcome to the PotF Competition forum! RULES - Please read the OP before posting!

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    Default Welcome to the PotF Competition forum! RULES - Please read the OP before posting!

    Welcome to the Post of the Fortnight competition! Thanks to the original idea proposed by Iskar some months ago, and to the input of many, we finally managed to come out with a set of approved rules and are now able to run this competition.

    Below you can find the Competition Rules, as defined by the Original Committee and later reviewed with my input, plus some extra info on what the prizes are. Also, do not miss the IMPORTANT NOTICE section at the end of this post.


    - Each user can nominate a single message, and the only valid form of nomination is by quoting with a link the chosen post in the PotF thread designated for it. Each 15 days there will be a new Nomination thread put up, and all the posts written during this period are considered eligible, if properly nominated. Exception are posts who are somewhat breaking the ToS; upon being acted by Moderation, they are always considered uneligible.

    - It is possible to nominate only one post per competition

    - There will be two competitions held every month, with a period for nominations followed by a period of voting. The submitted posts can be discussed in a dedicated space.

    - Only messages that have not participated in a previous poll and that have been published in the current period of given time in any section of the D&D area may be nominated.

    - The authors of the nominated messages will be informed so they can withdraw the candidacy if that is their wish.

    - The maximum number of participating messages in the final vote will be ten. If more than ten nominations are submitted, seconded nominations will take priority. After seconded nominations are considered, earliest nominations will take priority. If the number of messages submitted to the contest is less than ten, the organizing committee may nominate posts if it considers it appropriate.

    -The members of the committee will never nominate a message belonging to one of them, but the rest of the users can nominate their messages (organizers messages), and vice versa.

    -In the event of a tie, both posts will be awarded and both posters will receive rep and 1 competition point.

    - Public or private messages asking for a vote for a candidate post are forbidden. Violators (and their posts) may not participate in the running contest.

    - People are expected to consider the quality and structure of the post itself, more than the content of the same. While it's certainly impossible to completely split the two aspects when making our own opinion on a post, it remains intended, as also explained in the Competition Commentary Thread, that commenting and discussing on the content rather than on the form/structure of the post is considered off-topic for the purpose of this competition. You are free to nominate and vote for whatever reason you want, but what happens in public has to strictly follow up with the competition rules.

    A nominated post should:

    1. Be focused and relevant to the topic(s) being discussed.
    2. Demonstrate a well-developed, insightful and nuanced understanding of the topic(s) it is discussing.
    3. Be logically coherent, well organized and communicate its points effectively.
    4. Support its contentions with verifiable evidence, either in the form of links or references.
    5. Not be deliberately vexatious to other users.


    - Each victory is awarded with 1 Competition point and 5 reputation points

    - Upon reaching a specific number of Competition points, the poster will be awarded with a special medal, specifically created for this Competition:

    Bronze - Awarded for earning three points in the PotF Competition.

    Silver - Awarded for earning nine points in the PotF Competition.

    Gold - Awarded for earning fifteen points in the PotF Competition.

    - Winners will be recorded in the Leaderboard thread

    - The best posts will be stored in a special Anthology thread

    - Discussion Thread - used for suggestions and comments on the Competition.

    - Commentary Thread - used for commentaries on past and present Competitions. Please do read the OP before posting!

    - Hansard - where past Competition threads are stored; the Leaderboard and the Anthology threads can also be found here


    We all know well that debating can often become heated and that it happens to lose the temper every once in a while, but please keep in mind that this place is dedicated to the PotF competition exclusively, and that everybody is requested to maintain a polite behaviour and to respect everyone who's participating, might they be a poster or the team running the Competition. In other words, this is not another place to further extend the debate, rather a place to come to see how the best debaters post and present their ideas and positions, with the purpose of recognizing the best ones overall and reward them with well earned medals.

    To be successful this Competition needs the active participation of the whole D&D community, not just by posting high quality material, but also by coming here to nominate and to vote for the favorite posts as well as by providing feedback and suggestions for the improvement of the competition itself.

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