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Thread: Dreams from strangers' perception

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    Default Dreams from strangers' perception

    Do you have dreams from strangers' perception? Like watching someone's world from from his/her perspective, like in movies, and you're not in it at all.

    I have been getting more and more of those recently, no idea why. To list a few:


    There was a walled settlement, like the one in Walking Dead built by some bad guy, and a Draco (Roman and Saka Draco) - with nothing attached - was flying outside, parallel to the wall and the person (feels male, no idea why) was feeling slightly anxious and worried that the Draco may enter. Then it ended.

    The guy just received a book and a letter, he opened the book and inside it's the story of the beginning of something, seems great and he's feeling extremely emotional, the book was in ancient Chinese layout (page from right to left, vertical lines).

    The last one was some woman who was feeling fulfilled about finally getting a signature from someone, in an office, day. Can't see others.

    Of all of them I was experiencing from first-person, but it's not me and I have no slight idea who they are. I hope this is not the beginning of some mental issue...

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Last dream with myself inside was even weirder, I felt kissed (not sexual, like some elder) by an old guy, he wore a crown of leaves and felt like light. And before that I was a monkey swimming across vast ocean and jumped to a hill right below the sky, where I saw huge stream of light shooting from ground to the edge of sky and flowed back, forming an umbrella, it looked all shiny green and blue in a night where there was neither the sun, the moon nor any stars.

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    Default Re: Dreams from strangers' perception

    I had such kind of a dream when I was a university student.

    It was like in a video game, though I couldn't control the characters, but still I could feel what they feel or what they want.
    In the dream, I could see the action from a point of view of two persons. First it was in a river ship's cabin, and I was inside the head of a killer with a knife who was going to kill a little child laying in bed. I was able to feel his plans, but wasn't able to stop him, just watch his hands holding a knife slowly approaching innocent sleeping child. Then, suddenly, my point of view changed. I found myself inside the head of a ship captain, staying at the ship's steering wheel. I was able to know in some way, that the captain is aware of the presence of the killer, and I felt how strongly captain wanted to stop him, but then the perspective suddenly changed again, now - bird's eye view of the ship going inevitably to river crossroads, and current route of the ship going directly to waterfall. Captain needed to change the course to save the ship and all passengers inside, but he couldn't let the child die. That was the dilemma, and I was never able to see the end of this dream because I opened my eyes.
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    Icon10 Re: Dreams from strangers' perception

    Yep like that! except mine was blurry. Some feelings were so strong I felt a bit emotional too and unable to sleep afterwards, but otherwise rather distant. Also I couldn't feel the weather, touch or sound.

    Did the murder actually occur, anything on news? I wonder if I was inside other's dream..

    PS: so you've been hiding here all the time without posting!
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