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Thread: ACW 2.2 Preview: Upcoming fixes and additions

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    Default ACW 2.2 Preview: Upcoming fixes and additions

    Version 2.5 will be the next release number based on the depth of content and is planned for release in December, 2018. Content will include:

    - STABILITY FIXES & no more CTDs!! Finally, with the great help of Rose Hunter, we have found and eliminated the CDT issues with the mod. Over-sized and somewhat corrupt sound files were always suspected and have been proven. We have completed numerous multi-player battles and scenarios without ANY crashing. As noted, comment out the current acw_sound pack and you'll be fine on vanilla. BETTER yet, go to the Discord server listed in this mod section and get the beta sound pack file. Game play is very stable and countless battles including up to six players are running full length without crashes.

    - Union V Corps uniform bug: This is causing any game using Vincent's Brigade to crash due to an error in the variantmodels2 pack file.

    - Union blanket texture: I erroneously replaced the .dds file with the base Union blanket and belt textures with a red blanket in 2.1.1, this is reset to the tan blanket.

    - Maps: Chickamauga Day 2 is being replaced with a new map package to support the historical scenario.

    - Maps: Barlow's Knoll is a new Gettysburg map and historical scenario. This map take the eastern section of the McPherson's Ridge map and extends further east. The scenario brings in a more whole and accurate battle between the Union XI Corps and Confederate II Corps. If you play with the new VP rules, you must fight to the end for control of the little hill.

    - Game Type: Victory Point / Conquest. This game type was outlined in the 2.1 User Guide. For 2.2 the game type will be implemented using new "Radar Map" graphics which will display Victory Point (VP) locations on each map for multi-player matches. Each map will feature three or more locations with specific point values. To win an MP match, one player or team must control more "VPs" than the other. These will be logical locations and historically accurate by map.
    - Scenarios: Chickamauga Day 2
    - Scenarios: Gettysburg Barlow's Knoll

    - Scenario Notes: Through multiple testing on various machines, we have found that the 'Attacking' army (left side/Alliance 1 in the army screen) will perform much better and generally smoothly through the battle. The defending army is very choppy and difficult to command. I believe this is due to the hard-code of the base game and how resources are managed by the Warscape engine. At this time I have no idea on how to improve performance on most scenarios short of reducing unit counts to under 150 total.

    I still recommend playing the defending army in scenarios because the AI is so poor at defending and generally attacks well and in many cases, according to historical action. I am going to continue to look at ways to improve scenarios and their performance which may include individual scenarios for Attacking and a separate set for Defending. This will require more testing and will definitely complicate how to best integrate them.

    Thank you for playing and I assure you, the sound pack changes create a VERY stable and VERY smooth experience.
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    Default Re: ACW 2.2 Preview: Upcoming fixes and additions

    Updates on the next update, which will actually be 2.5!

    Check out the screenshots for the new map: Gettysburg - Barlow's Knoll and additional pics of various test battles playing the new VICTORY POINT mode!!

    The pics below are Barlow's Knoll and Cold Harbor...
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    Default Re: ACW 2.2 Preview: Upcoming fixes and additions

    Each map has a new "Radar Map" to display the VP locations. The radar maps are packed in their own pack file: "acw_radar_maps.pack". This will allow users to turn off the radar maps by simply commenting out the line in their user.script file by adding two forward slashes as here: //mod "acw_radar_maps.pack"';

    I am working out a plan for future updates to incorporate additional VP radar map packs which can be loaded via a launcher. This will enable users to agree to play "VP_mode_1" or "VP_mode_2", etc. where the VP locations will be modified in locations and/or point values to increase and diversify replay value.

    The User Guide will include basic rules for scoring and playing the VP mode. All new unit, map, weapon and other updates will be included as well along with a change log for this new version.

    Here are ten more examples:
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    radar6.jpg   radar7.jpg   radar8.jpg   radar9.jpg   radar10.jpg  

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    Default Re: ACW 2.2 Preview: Upcoming fixes and additions

    Unit icon and UI changes include identifying unit types by updating their table entries to display a proper unit type. See the attached image where Line, Light and Sharpshooter units are now accurately depicted. Also note the gold star on the Iron Brigade icon. All units which have the "Inspire Allies" passive ability will now show this gold star on the lower right of their icon. This means that these units will mildly buff any friendly/allied units in their immediate vicinity. Each faction army has at least one unit, if not more, that have always had this ability. Now you have a visual indicator to show you that while in battle, not just on the set-up screen.
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