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Thread: Naval Improvement 2.0 (No more AI camping and alot more)

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    Default Naval Improvement 2.0 (No more AI camping and alot more)

    This Mod is not ment to be historically accurate rather then bring a complete overhaul and spice up the naval battles. For screenshots and download please check this link in the workshop

    I could post even mirror downloads if there is interest.

    AI likes to camp when attacked and there is always a long way until one gets there. That is past now.
    Destroyers and how they change gameplay:
    Type 1 and Type 2 Chiyodagata-class Destroyers replace the Gunboats. Their speed thanks to their US made twin 3-cylinder triple-expansion steam engines is more than enough to allow you engaging the enemy under your terms. The Type 1 comes armed with a standard rifled breechloading 68-pounder naval cannon, the Type 1 and Type 2 are armed with two larger calibre naval machineguns (half-inch) version of the Vickers was used against light armoured vessels while the Type 2 has deadly torpedoes. Both vessels can deploy 20x mines.
    Now back to how the Destroyer-class changes the game with the AI camping, that comes down to the vanguard deployment. Once the AI is engaged or in range of your guns or torpedoes it will attack you but if dissengaged sometimes it goes back to camping, not always though but ive seen it. That simply puts an end to camping more or less. (What is vanguard deployment? That is being able before the battle to place your force outside of the battle deployment zone)

    3 Battleships: Battleship Musashi - Warrior-class, Battleship Akagi - L'ocean-class, Battleship Kyoto - Roanoke-class.
    Battleships will be worked on further, for now they have greater range then other ships and are armed with deadly smoothbore muzzle-loading 68-pounder naval cannons they are not to be underestimated.
    I am working on with cruisers and frigates right now and will update in future.
    In addition to the mentioned above the Type 1 and Type 2 due to their larger calibre they have stronger impact upon naval bombardment.
    The Kaiyo Maru is the same but once you upgrade the iron plating she will be given the 68-pounders to rain death upon your enemies.
    All ships have increased morale.

    The Cruisers are reworked as a support vessels armed with their rifled breechloading 6-inch (152 mm) rapid fire (Type 41) naval cannons using (High Explosive HE) shells capable of keeping enemy vessels under constant harassment and has very high chance on inflicting fire upon wooden hull targets. Cruisers main goal is to set warships on flames, but suffer from inferior range compared to Battleships or Frigates thus making them attacking vessels.

    After researching the iron plating your armoured cruisers will be able to bounce solid shots from the front angled part of the hull and have much greater fire resistance. Battleships also have bouncy prows (front part of the ships "the nose") and if you angle them between firing your broadside and reloading you increase your chance to survive.

    U P D A T E

    Bringing a whole new system to the naval battles! Rocket Ship! No? Even better!
    The SSM-Mk I Surface to Ship missile is the new feature for the Kotetsu-class Cruiser. This endgame ship comes armed with the mighty half-inch vickers naval machineguns and a good amount of firepower. After researching the Adv. Segmented shell you will unlock the cruise missiles, afterwards you can switch shell type between missiles and cannons This is still a pretty early version of the missiles and I will work on them in near future. I hope you guys enjoy it. I will upload a video soon.
    Other Changes:
    The Type 2 destroyer is going to lose its 68 pounders and receive the vickers half-inch.
    The unit cap on the Type 2 is completely removed.
    Torpedo speed increased 2x.

    You cannot use the missiles in custom battles. Only after researching the adv. segmented shell in
    fots campaign.

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    Default Re: Naval Improvement 2.0 (No more AI camping and alot more)

    Nice work. Have seen your work before on the steam workshop. Well done.

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    Default Re: Naval Improvement 2.0 (No more AI camping and alot more)

    When I woke up I played around a little bit and after some testing I added smoke trail behind the fire from the rocket. Here are some screenshots: Before After

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    Default Re: Naval Improvement 2.0 (No more AI camping and alot more)

    Tracer ammunition added for the half inch naval machinegun. I will probably post any further updates on the worksop page, look there if you are interested.

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