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    Icon1 [WIP] Calradia Total War

    Coming Soonish! Calradia Total War

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Calradia Total War! Or at least what is currently the working in progress map of it.

    Originally an idea I had back a few months ago, I wondered why no modder had tried their hand at creating it yet. I quickly found out one of the few reasons why, which is unit variety, and of which I'll cover later.

    As of currently, there will be 6 main factions
    Kingdom of Swadia - One of the earliest-established kingdoms, defended by deadly knights but has medicore infantry and archer units.
    Kingdom of Rhodoks - An off-shoot of the Kingdom of Swadia, focused instead on powerful spearmen and crossbowmen.
    Kingdom of Vaegirs - Composed of powerful offensive-oriented archers and 2h units, this unfortunately leaves them weak on the defense.
    Kingdom of Nords - Composed of incredibly powerful heavy infantry and decent light infantry, they lack heavily in cavalry.
    Khergit Khanate - A complete opposite of the Kingdom of Nords, the Khergits instead spam horse skrimishers with few infantry options.
    Sarranid Sultanate - An overall balanced faction located in the desert, but lacks specialization in any unit.

    One of the main issues with turning Mount and Blade into a Total War mod is the lack of unit variety. The Nords and Rhodoks are entirely lacking in cavalry, while the Khergits have one infantry option, who can also spawn as a cavalry unit.
    As a result, Calradia Total War will instead be relying on the Floris Reworked Unit Trees (though Nords still have no cavalry line there, which is rather unforunate for them).

    The map has already been created, but only requires refining, as can be seen in this map of Sarranid territory.

    The mod team currently consists of the following users:
    EoNightcore (Steam Tag: EoNightcore)
    Tyranno85 (Steam Tag: Inardesco)

    We expect to release this mod when Half Life 3 is released, or at least sometime soon.

    Want to help out in testing or developing? Please contact Tyranno85 via TWC, or join our discord group with this link.
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