I've thought a lot about this, and often felt gratitude for the developers of this game.

Sure it took a lot of hours from me, but it were hours developing cleverness, feeling entertained and joyful in general. The game that seeks to give the most in-depth atmosphere possible, the songs and sounds carefully selected to make your mind gradually travel from east through silk road to far east - the strategy, the multiplayer, all of it were great experiences that were of incremental value.

There are always edges to polish, but overall the experience was impressive. Very immersive. You can picture yourself as a Daimyo of sorts trying to fend off dishonorable rival clans and make trade deals with the "nanban jin" to gain the early acess to matchlocks in 1500s.

I often thought of this, but never really expressed, so I thought about making a thread for thanking the "making of" Shogun 2. Directed at any people involved in creation process who might be reading this. You are good folks.
That is the point. For other users if you want, feel free to add anything.