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Thread: ‘Was Mail Effective Against Arrows?’

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    Good vid:
    EDIT: Thread title should have been ‘Was Mail Effective Against Arrows?’
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    gods i hate ppl who speak like that, pause 2-3 seconds every few words, interesting stuff but i cant stand that way of talking
    You know you've played too much Stainless Steel when in every other mod you play you think cavalry is too weak.

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    Yes they should put out a version with the pauses edited out, it would be half as long. Sometimes he has a guy on who sounds exactly like Forrest Gump, and there is another one, a southerner with a drawl, who speaks soo ssllooowwllyy its like he is on opium; he needs a few Red Bulls. Whenever he comes on I switch over, can’t stand it.

    But most of his guests are very good, and its only the longer podcasts that have them. I’ve watched a lot of his stuff now, and it really is excellent.

    I’ll point a few of the best ones a bit later
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