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Thread: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018 - Nominations thread!

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    Default Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018 - Nominations thread!

    Welcome to our fifth Yearly Awards competition!

    Everyone is invited to nominate their favourite writing from 2018. We realise that 2018 is not yet over, but we'll be starting the competition in autumn from now on.
    These Yearly Awards will not cover a full year, but future Yearly Awards competitions will. With this in mind, please remember that this year:

    you may only nominate writing posted on TWC between 1 January 2018 and 30 September 2018.

    In this competition, we recognise and reward the greatest writers among us this year – both Creative Writers and AARtists!

    This year's categories are:

    AAR of the Year
    For – what else? – the best AAR!
    You may nominate any AAR that received an update between 1 January and 30 September 2018.

    CW of the Year
    For - naturally! - the best Creative Writing!
    You may nominate any piece of Creative Writing that received an update between 1 January and 30 September 2018.

    Combined Award: Best Newcomer
    Which new WS poster has showered us with the greatest display of talent since the 1st January 2018?
    This award could go to someone who writes AARs, or CW, or both. You can nominate any member who posted an update to an AAR or piece of creative writing between 1 January and 30 September 2018.

    Please read the rules, in the next post, before making any nominations.

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018 - Nominations thread!


    Each category has eligibility criteria, shown in the post above. Please read them carefully. Only writing that was posted between 1 January 2018 and 30 September 2018 (inclusive) is eligible.

    When it comes to nominating there are some other rules:

    The nomination period will be open until 11:59 GMT+0, 31 October 2018. Following this, there will be a two week voting period.

    Nominations are to be made in this thread
    Nope, that's not a link. Post your nominations in this thread that you're reading right now please!

    No self-nomination
    You cannot nominate yourself or your own work for any category.

    Maximum of three nominations per category
    You can only nominate a maximum of three nominees for a category. Any more than three nominations and only the first three will be counted.

    You do not need to make nominations in every category
    You may make a nomination (or nominations) in only one category, if you wish. Or you may make nominations in two (or more) categories. It’s entirely up to you!

    When making a nomination, please give as much information as possible.
    Please make sure you say which category you are nominating a person or piece of work for. If you are nominating a member (for Best Newcomer), you need only give the member’s name.

    If you are nominating an AAR or a CW piece, please give the title of the piece, AND the name of the author.

    If you are struggling to remember the exact details of the member or piece of work you wish to nominate, please nominate them anyway, with as much information as you have. If WS staff cannot easily identify the person or work you are nominating, they may ask you for more details. If they still can’t identify your nomination, they may decide not to include it in the competition.

    Best Newcomer
    As set out above, a “Newcomer” is someone who made their first substantial contribution to the WS between 1 January 2018 and 30 September 2018. This means their first substantial contribution as an author of AARs or CW. Their first substantial contribution must have been in 2018. They would still qualify for nomination if they had written a brief one-post AAR during 2017, and then written several AARs (or a larger AAR) during 2018. They might still qualify for nomination if they started their first piece of CW at the end of 2017 and continued it in 2018, depending on how substantial their work was during each year. If you are in any doubt about whether someone can be nominated for the Best Newcomer Awards, please ask the WS staff.

    Each member may only win one award
    If a member wins more than one award, they will be given the chance to choose which award they wish to receive. This applies to second and third place awards as well as first place awards. The other(s) will be awarded to the runner(s)-up.

    ‘Honour’ system
    We are running this competition on the ‘honour’ system. If you notice that you have been nominated for an award you do not qualify for, please notify the WS staff.
    Likewise, if you notice someone else has been nominated for an award they don’t qualify for, please notify the WS staff.

    If, at any stage, the WS staff discover that a nominee for or winner of any award does not qualify to be entered in that category, the WS staff reserve the right to disqualify them. If voting has not yet begun, the disqualified nominee will simply not be entered in the competition. If voting has already begun, and the disqualified nominee obtains enough votes to win an award, that award will be given to the person with the next highest number of votes.

    To make your nominations, please copy and paste the following into this thread, with your nominations for each category:



    Best Newcomer:

    For example:

    AAROTY: Story A by Member 1, Story B by Member 2, Story C by Member 3

    Best Newcomer: Member 7, Member 8, Member 9

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the chat thread or PM any member of WS staff. Have fun nominating!

    We are very grateful to all (Scottish King, Hitai de Bodemloze, m_1512, Radzeer and Dance) who began the Writers’ Study Yearly Awards in 2014. We want to say a huge thank you to Joar for designing the artwork. Please rep him generously for his trouble!
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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018 - Nominations thread!

    So this was not an entirely easy task, and I must admit I am going to by necessity put in more than three AARs (not as potential votable candidates -- I read the rules well Caillagh -- but just to give those ones I find great a bit more publicity!). Anyway, here are my nominations for the Yearly Awards!

    2018 Yearly Awards Nominations

    AAR Nominees
    The Last Chariots of the Tarquins, by Skotos of Sinope
    Of Wolves and Prey, by Cookiegod
    New Town, by Alwyn

    Unfortunately, I can only nominate three AARs, but I would also like to draw everyone's attention to the following two as well, as they are also quite good!
    --Song of the Sleep Bringers, by thecheese
    --A Wolf Among Sheep, by Seether

    Creative Writing Nominees
    Cat Tails, by NorseThing
    Caligula's Anthology of Tales, by Commisar Caligula
    Genesis of Empires, by m_1512**

    **m_1512 is actually bringing together many contributors for Genesis of Empires, as he'd like to create a sort of community writing project. It is a great idea, already with a number of different people involved, but all credit goes ultimately to him for thinking of it and organizing it. At any rate, have a look at the thread and see if you'd also like to contribute as well!

    I myself only discovered the writing areas of TWC a few months back, and so I only know of one person who I can say with certainty is a "Newcomer", but he is definitely one of the best ones there could be!
    Best Newcomer

    Wood's World of Words | Kilo11's Library

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