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Thread: Are men discriminated in natural science by feminists?

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    Default Re: Are men discriminated in natural science by feminists?

    Women have substantial advantage in STEM faculty hiring, except when competing against more-accomplished men

    I'd find it surprising if there is evidence that equally qualified female applicants aren't preferred in academia these days.
    A couple thoughts. I'm not sure I accept the general applicability of the study. In essence they are surveying faculty and they provide essentially the digest of what the the actual interview committee concluded and found in reaching a pool of three final candidates. The surveyed do not appear to the ones with a financial or direct professional stake in the hiring. There is perhaps no good to simulate that I grant. But is still a sort of forced sliver of the actual hiring process.

    As the authors admit that a lots of other vectors that do appear to have a some or significant male bias and again their study looks only at exceptional candidates. On that it is an easy read to skim over is the apparent gulf in starting package funding between comparable women and men. A junior researcher is under the gun to publish, to establish a research base and try to retain either student assistance or hire technical support. The suggested difference in stating packages is hard to ignore even if a generic exceptional candidate was favored as women - half the starting package is a good bet for not making you research goals in 2/3 years (typical time to meet publishing and self funding goals or exit).
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