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Thread: The closing of Telltale Games

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    Default The closing of Telltale Games

    Not sure if anyone else has heard but Telltale has officially laid of the vast majority of its staff, with the remaining members working on finishing Minecraft Story Mode.

    That means that the following game series are cancelled

    The Walking Dead
    The Wolf Among Us
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Game of Thrones
    Stranger Things
    and anything else that they were working on.

    Just really sucks. Their games were hella flawed in many ways but I still wanted to see the end of at least The Walking Dead.

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    Default Re: The closing of Telltale Games

    That's unfortunate. Their games weren't really my cup of tea, but plenty of people enjoyed their games and stories.
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    Default Re: The closing of Telltale Games

    I enjoyed GOT the first playthrough even though the lore was so off it was immersion breaking at times but never really followed the company, I have Batman sitting on my PS4 both free with PSplus so will get around to that probably when the next Joker film comes out.

    Looking at that list they definitely seemed to spread themselves out to much, I can't see these games being that popular and getting part of The GOT cast as voice actors couldn't be cheap.. I also got them for free but Sony seems to be making similar games with much better graphics, they almost seem like tech demos though more then games, if they mixed them with known brands that could be interesting and pick up where Telltale left off.

    Though I heard Telltale is trying to partner up with someone else even after the layoffs to finish Walking Dead, it wouldn't be the same team but apparently a lot of the raw assets are completed.

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