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    Default Cookiegods eye cancer workshop

    I plan to present my work here, and hope you enjoy. Critique, even negative or nit-picky, is highly appreciated and can help me become better.
    My drawing skills are atm. mostly focused on mapmaking, but later on I'll have other stuff to share as well.

    I'll start by sharing some of the coat of arms I have made recently. I plan to use them both as symbols on a map, as well as ingame to spice up the screenshots for my AAR.
    Most of them are semihistoric and based on the year 1080. Many countries didn't have one at that time though, especially since the age of heraldry hadn't really begun yet, so I took my liberties.
    Coat of arms
    Kingdoms of Aragon and Léon and the county of Portugal:

    The kingdom of Aragon emerges later in the game.

    Muslims: Fatimid caliphate, Moors and the Seljuks:

    3 versions of the Kingdom of England, I have yet to decide which to use:

    Why not 3 lions? Because the third one symbolises Aquitaine, which the English failed to gain.

    Kingdoms of Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland, Scotland, and Sicily (coat of arms of the dynasty of Hauteville):

    Why the raven banner as a symbol for Denmark? Well, I wasn't sure if I should use the Danish 3 lions. As was the case with most countries in 1080, Denmark didn't have a coat of arms in 1080. I decided for now not to use the blue lions on yellow background, since everyone associates red and white with Denmark and most M2TW-players already know the raven, whereas the blue-yellow coat of arms would simply confuse.

    Orthodox factions: Byzantine Tetragram, Novgorodian bear and Kievan ??? :

    The Kievan thingy is the historic one. Most modders simply use the modern day crest of Ukraine, which was the symbol of Grand prince Vladimir the great/the babtiser, for the grand principality Kiev itself. Every Rurikid ruler tended to have his own symbol, however, and the symbol of the grand prince of Kiev ruling in 1080 (Vsevolod Yaroslavych) is the one you see above.
    I gave the orthodox factions a drop shape to distinguish them from muslims (round) and catholics.

    House of Este (light blue), kingdom of Burgundy (red), kingdom of Italy (green) and various combinations of those:

    Now this is where it's somewhat complicated. It has to do with the ingame developments and my faction (ingame Milan) changing identity semifrequently, as well as to symbolise various factions inside my realms. I start out as the margraviate of Milan, and manage to become dual king of the two kingdoms of Italy and Burgundy.
    The house of Este were the historic rulers of Milan at the beginning of the campaign in 1080, and thus it's their symbol that I'm going to use.
    The coats of arms of Este and Burgundy are historic, the latter being the coat of arms of the free county of Burgundy before 1280.
    The Italian one is a fictional one, based on ingame developments. I gave it a green background, since Italy is often associated with that colour.

    I might, and probably will make crests of some important dynasties, counts and duchies as well.

    I have made a couple of generic map symbols such as the classic crossed swords one that I might share with you at a later date. I hope to finish some city symbols before that.

    Afaik all the symbols I used were free to use, and most of them from Wikipedia. You are free to use these symbols as well for your leisure.

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    Default Re: Cookiegods eye cancer workshop

    First of all welcome to the Graphics Workshop, and that's a good thing that you are open to criticism.
    Nobody was really good at start (if not in the GW, generally speaking ).

    I have done extensive faction symbols lately for Stainless Steel Titanium and that's a lot of work, in terms of research, and to transform in game files format.
    So good job here

    For which mod / game is it ?
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    Default Re: Cookiegods eye cancer workshop

    They look very nice!

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    Thanks guys.
    Quote Originally Posted by cedric37 View Post
    I have done extensive faction symbols lately for Stainless Steel Titanium and that's a lot of work, in terms of research, and to transform in game files format.
    So good job here

    For which mod / game is it ?
    It is for an AAR, which in turn is based on a hotseat where we played retrofit MP. So basically vanilla. I have already replaced the strat models and textures with those from other mods to reduce the eye cancer. One thing to remember about these images is however, that they are dual use, and might also be used on outgame maps. I thought about adding shadows, but refrained from doing so for that reason.

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    A WIP-map with the coats of arms integrated, as well as some minor swords symbols I've created:

    Probably should've made those swords thicker. Oh well.

    The map shown is 1920 x 1080 px, so standard wallpapersize. It is merely a cutout of a much, much larger map (6735 x 3900 px) spanning from Ireland til the Caspian sea and from the Shetlands in the north til the red sea in the south. Having done it twice before my loss of data, I've gotten much quicker at making those maps.
    It doesn't have any rivers outside France yet, but I've given each river its own path and name to quickly activate and deactivate it at leisure.

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