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Thread: How to fight mongols?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blank View Post
    Please see the 'RC2.0 Ultimate Edition Updates and Changes' thread in the RC sub-mods forum. Cavalry and spears are being seriously re-worked, along with an increased range for xbows to compensate for their need to load before shooting, a global increase in missile weapon effect vs cav, and updates to the BattleAI depending on the faction you are fighting against, ie the Mongols will fight somewhat differently to other factions. The new version will be released shortly.

    As they say above, a mix of spearmen and xbows is a good start, with some heavy cav to break disrupted units and light cav to run down routers. Mongol infantry units only have around 100 men as well; typically they will be a non-factor except for their archers.
    that sounds awesome. I will definitely try it out. I really like the option to nerf cav charges, hope it will make intricacy of infantry battles more prominent

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    Will be released tonight

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    Let them ravage the east and fizzle out, while you concentrate on moving west.
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    If you don't enjoy the Mongol invasion, try Rise of Bulgaria submod for SS.

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