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Thread: [Released] AAA: Rise of the Republic Generals (v0.9)

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    Default [Released] AAA: Rise of the Republic Generals (v0.9)

    AAA: Rise of the Republic Generals (v0.9)

    New Rise of the Republic generals, who change appearance based on age, rank and season.

    This is the second release - in what is now going to be a series - of campaign agent character mods with the aim of providing players with characters that dynamically replace their appearances with alternating variants based on three attributes for all campaigns.

    These three attributes are:

    1. Age - As a general character's age value increases over the years, their facial appearance will gradually look older. This will provide a visual clue to the player that a character will soon be reaching a natural death. For characters belonging to other factions, you previously had no way of knowing roughly how old they were - but with this mod, now you do!
    2. Advancement - As a general ranks up through battles, their gear will become more extravagant as befits their status and accumulated gravitas. They will even start wearing their armour openly in the senate, like a dictator would, when not leading an army after they have attained a high enough rank.
    3. Acclimatisation - When a season changes to winter, they will swap their appearance to a version which will wear winter clothing. This will provide a bit more immersion and variation to their appearances to fit the surrounding environments.

    As such, there are literally thousands of variations for your general appearances in Rise of the Republic, giving a lot more variety to your general characters on the campaign map and on the battlefield.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Steam Workshop

    Total War Center (coming soon)

    Savegame compatible and compatible with all mods that don't touch the Rise of the Republic generals. Works fine in combination with other AAA mods (made to be used together).

    The plan for this mod is to provide General appearances for all cultures in the Rise of the Republic campaign DLC (e.g. Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, Celts, Italians, Ioleians, Carthaginians).

    For every future update - if you are subscribed to the Steam Workshop version, the mod will update automatically for you. If you have downloaded directly from Total War Center and placed the pack file manually into your data folder, you will need to manually update the mod yourself by replacing the older version of the mod with the updated version.

    Update #3 - v1 (FINAL)


    • Add new Early Carthaginian Generals + Politicians.
    • Add new Early Celtic Generals + Politicians.
    • Add new Illyrian Pirate Generals.
    • Add new German Horde Generals.

    Special thanks to:

    • Magas of Cyrene - For helping out with the Romans + Etruscan variants!
    • Divide et Impera Mod Team - for granting permission to use their asset library!

    And finally, thank you for reading and (hopefully) downloading + giving rep / subscribing + rating! I and Magas put a lot of our free time into this, and we're glad it's finally released for all of you use.
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