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    This is a thread to discuss critical settlements for various factions in SS6.4 and WHY they are important.

    For the True Roman Empiie (Byzantines for you barbarians) those would be:

    1. Durazzo. This fortress served me me too damn well in my campaign. It not only serves as my primary fortress and recruiting center for my Italian campaigns but it prevented both the Sicilians and Venetians from from advancing and the armies trained there allowed me to conquer southern Italy and and conquer the Venetians in concert with the armies in Zagreb. Heck the soldiers there helped me expand further and further into the west when the entire world was my enemy and when I was at the start it was my main fortress and gateway to the west.

    2. Nikosia. The little island near the 2 Caliphates has saved me more times than I could count. Against the Fatimids this little fortress supplied me with the forces needed to both storm their core cities and hold my very delicate hold on them and their borders in the beginning of my campaign against them. In my wars against the Persians it also provided some limited support due to the long distances, but it really shined in my wars against the Fatmidis and Seljuuk.

    3. Constantinople. I'm being obvious I know but this city, throughout the game will be your main economical center and cannot ever be lost. I don't care if you face several Jihads you DO NOT LOSE IT!

    Feel free to post your own guys.

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    My favourite cities in a middle East based campaign are those on the Nile delta for all the nice trade.

    In a central European campaign I really like the northern Italian cities again because of their trade and especially venice because of the added defensive bonus.

    For me I like conquering the enemy capital cities in a campaign as it's nice role play and a good checkpoint in smashing their faction. In my current cuman campaign I took novgorod and got some nice florins but sadly no hanseatic league. I forgot which city has it but that's always nice to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virian View Post
    (Byzantines for you barbarians).

    You know you've played too much Stainless Steel when in every other mod you play you think cavalry is too weak.

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    Wish more people would comment . I'd love to see other people's opinion of how critical some settlements are. For example Caffa... I've never been able to use it for anything but a staging ground for my Cuman invasions, heck not even during my Stomp on the Cockroaches calling themselves Seljuuk I couldn't find much use for it as it's population was too damn low during those campaigns and I quickly got them out of the peninsula.

    I swear the damn seljuuk took the longest to kill, from turn 13 to 102 they have been a constant thorn in my backside as there was always one more city to conquer and their alliance with the Persians further slowed down their extermination.

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    In an English campaign... I think Caen is the most important (early-mid game). Everything on the British isles becomes just money-makers once you've taken out Scotland. I always convert everything up there (except Nottingham) to cities for the increased income.
    Caen though, becomes my primary (and for a while only) entry point into northern France. I keep turning out troops there and Nottingham (then ferrying them down to Caen) to support my war effort against the hated French!

    In a hated French campaign... Tolouse (again early-mid game) is critical to holding off the Iberian heathens, at least until Ive established a solid defensive eastern front. Once Ive solidified my eastern borders with HRE and the Italians, I can then head south.

    In a Iberian heathen campaign... regardless of if I choose Spain, Portugal or Aragon, you have to just fend off the other 2 (as well as the Moors) and take control of the 2 NE territories bordering France. Make sure they are both well defended and then I can concentrate on driving the Moors back to Africa while (hopefully) making the other 2 Iberian factions my vassals.

    For a Norway or Denmark campaign... making sure Arhus is well defended will usually keep the Germans out. Also (I used to overlook) Visby. If you keep Visby well defended, any attacks from the Russians, Polish or Teutons will often head there. That way I can convert more of my mainland Swedish/Finish/Dutch/Norweigan territories into cities for more money

    In some of my HRE campaigns... Ill take the unorthodox approach of going to war immediately against the Teutonics until they are weak enough to become my vassals. THEN, start funneling them as much money as I can spare, while steadily giving them my territories from north to south, while I migrate my entire population south. By the time all my forces are at the borders of northern Italy, Bologna is usually the last territory I have left (making it far and away the most important city in the early game).
    I should then have built up enough forces (though Im probably in debt at this point) to roll over Milan, Genoa, Venice, and everything north of Rome.
    So, now I own the 5 collectively most prosperous territories in the game and my vassal the Teutons owns (so I really own) most of the original HRE territories I started out with.
    From there it takes a bit to dig myself out of debt, but Im in the perfect position to spread south and take all of Italy, its 2 islands and Sicily.
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    Not a certain settlement but a region. In my Novgorod campaigns, the Ural River (runs along the northern and western border of Jaiksk and flow into the Caspian sea) have immense value in my defense against the Mongolian invasion. There are four crossings on the river with no other way around them except by sea, so you can force the Mongols to fight bridge battles. A lot of forplanning is required for this strategy though. Conquering Cumans and Kiev is essential.

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