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Thread: Stakes Submod for DAC 2.2 + Dwarven Overhaul Project

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    Default Stakes Submod for DAC 2.2 + Dwarven Overhaul Project

    Borne from my impatience waiting on the DAC team to do this, I added stakes back to all non-militia archers, except for Orc factions, who only get it on their elite archers(Isengard Crossbows, Orthanc Sentries, Angmar Rhudaur Archers, Guldur Shadowbows/Rangers). Install on top of a clean DAC 2.2 + Dwarven Overhaul Project install location. Back up your EDU just in case, as I have not fully tested every faction, though I can confirm it has not crashed for me on startup or while playing Northern Dunedain. It shouldn't cause any problems, because though I don't have any official rep on here, I know how to do something as simple as adding stakes in the EDU. This is not compatible with ANY other mods that change the EDU, as I have not installed any other mods. Hope this is useful/enjoyable for somebody!

    If the DAC team want to check this and then upload it officially, go right ahead
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