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Thread: ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod

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    Default ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod

    Hello! I bring to you the first version of my mod that will enhance the vanilla experience!
    My goals for this mod are:
    1) Keep vanilla look and feel intact
    2) Keep Vanilla factions, but enhance them and fix historical inaccuracies
    3) Make a better, well rounded game
    4) Add immersion without killing original feel.
    The main things added in this version are:
    An extended east map, so that Parthia, Seleucid and Scythia can have a better starting position.

    The Bugfixer mod by player1, located here
    All Factions mod by Hader, located here
    Elements from Darthmod such as formations and unit stats
    New Animations by Signifierone, Prometheus and Alin
    Formatted to work on the Alexander expansion to incorporate all of it's features
    Many small fixes found in the credit list!

    To Install, simply extract HRTW into your Rome Total War Directory, or if you use steam, your Rome Total War Alexander Directory. when making a shortcut, include this: -show_err -mod:HRTW
    v1.0 Features and Credits
    -Vanilla map extended east to incorporate Parthia and Persia. Better starting positions for Parthia and the Seleucids. Also two regions, one in Caledonia (Scotland), and the other in eastern Arabia are included.
    --10 Regions Added in Total, complete with resources, and mercenary pools.
    -Darthmod Unit Stats and Sizes
    -Darthmod formations
    -Got rid of Wardogs, Incendiary Pigs, Screeching Women and Arcani
    -Added officers and standard bearers to all eligible units, including cavalry. Complete with new animations.
    - Fixed Grain Bug
    -Added Bug Fixer mod by player1
    -Added All Factions mod by Hader
    -Added the following fixes to units from Medusa0
    --Cilician Pirate throws Harpoon
    --Town Watch Shield Bug fixed
    -- Julii Hastati & Principes have Shoulder Pads like other Roman families
    -Added new animations made by Signifierone, Prometheus and Alin
    --Roman Infantry fight properly
    --Phalangites use two hands
    --Hoplites fight overhand and use different formation
    --Cavalry have different poses depending on their weapon
    --Archers and horse archers use bows correctly
    --Javelinmen fire at a faster rate
    -Fixed Rebel Strat Banners so they reflect the correct culture
    -Made mod compatible with Alexander.

    Thank you for helping me:
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    Default Re: ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod

    Sounds nice. Though not a big fan of vanilla I will surely give it a try. Good job
    My AAR- The Restoration of the Empire-A Vanilla Byzantine AAR

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