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    I'm getting a really bad CTD at turn 75 of my HRE campaign. Can anyone please take a look at what's going wrong?

    SS6.4 Syslog:-

    01:05:48.539 [system.rpt] [always] CPU: SSE2
    01:05:48.540 [system.rpt] [always] ==== system log start, build date: Sep 5 2014 version development ===
    01:05:48.545 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_0.pack
    01:05:48.545 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_1.pack
    01:05:48.546 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_2.pack
    01:05:48.547 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_3.pack
    01:05:48.548 [] [always] mounted pack packs/data_4.pack
    01:05:48.548 [] [always] mounted pack packs/localized.pack
    01:06:21.036 [game.script] [always] Germanicu5 ReallyBadAI v5.7 Running. Please upload log and savegames when reporting battle CTDs for SS.
    01:08:24.150 [system.rpt] [error] Medieval 2: Total War encountered an unspecified error and will now exit.

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    You’ll need to set your log to trace, and generate another log, as this log doesn’t tell us anything.
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