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Thread: Did i need culture packs ?

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    Default Did i need culture packs ?

    Hello, i was thinking to download the mod but i have a question:
    I know that DEI change the campaign DLC but did i need the culture packs to play all the faction ?
    If yes then what is the main culture pack that is the most essential ?

    Thank for your answer

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    Default Re: Did i need culture packs ?

    Mods cannot open up for factions locked through CA DLC's. You only need the DLC's for the factions you want to play.
    So just check out the different DLC's on steam and read what they offer in terms of factions.
    Some such as, Hannibal at the gates, Caesar in Gaul or Wrath of Sparta adds an extra mini campaign. We changed the Wrath of Sparta campaign to the Macedonian Wars instead.

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