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    Hey all,

    I want to try to mod a unit in the current game I'm playing and change its weapon to another. The unit is Ottoman Infantry and I'd like to change its bow to a crossbow. Before I make the attempt though, I had a few questions. Is it even possible? I've tried something similar in the past, adding a bow to the Hashashim, but my attempt failed horribly with them shooting invisible bows while their swords were flying around above their heads. If it's possible, could someone give me some pointers as to what might have gone wrong and how I should actually go about doing it? The guide I was using didn't go into great detail as to how the battle_models.modelbd file works. My last question is, if I did this, would it be save game compatible?

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    Possible, but you're in the wrong subforum. The change you're talking about is modelling, not simple text editing.

    Milkshape is the simplest tool to use, there's a good tutorial on here.
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