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    This mod implements a new balance system into M2TW. It, while not very realistic, brings better balance than regular M2TW. It works under the principle that battle balance should be better, battles should be longer, but not too long, that unit should be more complicated, with more nuance and much more. It's rather noting that this is a work in progress, as not everything is done.

    Main features:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Heavy units are actually heavy; they no longer fall to peasant archers, archer militia, etc. You need composite bows, crossbows, and gunpowder units in order to kill them easily.

    - Morale is more than just for routing. Now it influences how accurate units are (N/A in SS and SSHIP versions, projectiles are left alone), how much defence skill they have, and how much damage they inflict; low being the worst, with half def (.5) skill and a quarter of their attack values (.75), disciplined being better with 1.5 times def skill and 1.25 times their attack values, and impetuous being the best with 2 times def skill and 1.5 times their attack values, as well as having +1 charge on both weapons (if they have one.) They also do better damage with javelins.

    - Unit size is dependent on many factors; instead of having it say to, 48 for all heavy infantry, it now depends on morale, unit type and ranged weapon (if they have one.)

    - Armour slows down units; unit speed for inf is dependent on their armor, to balance out the fact that they are much stronger and light units are much faster, but weaker. Cav speed is dependent on the mount.

    - Unit countering is more or less simplified, but not always universal. Light cav have small bonuses vs horses, but heavy cav have much better bonuses vs horses. Heavy inf have small bonuses vs horses, but not as much as spearmen, which will not always counter all types of cavalry equally. Spearmen get a mount_effect bonus proportionally to their spear_bonus, which also affects what type of spear it is (light_spear for spear_bonus_4 and spear for spear_bonus_6 and beyond.)

    - There are no AP weapons. This is for simplicity and game balance.

    - Units that have a single weapon get charge bouns +1. The exception is spearmen.

    - Units have cultural, ethnic and faction bonuses and maluses. Eastern horsemen and Mongolian cavalry, for instance, get speed bonuses and faction unique units have bonuses/maluses that are tied to their faction.

    - Late era units get 5+ attack due to technological changes during that era.

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