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    Hello everyone!

    I have two issues that are bugging me ever since I played MD2 / SS and I didn't found a solution so far. First and most important: loading times. Starting the game, or loading back and forth from the campaign map takes forever on a Radeon GPU (up to 1 min). I've always thought this is "normal", until I tested the game on the integrated GPU of my Intel CPU. Loading times on the iGPU are just ~2 seconds. Is there any setting that could resolve this (maybe in the mods .cfg file) ?

    The other thing: Campaign shadows. Turning them on will cause severe lag on the map, wherever there is a dense forest. Turning shadows off solves it, but the map looks kind of strange without. Yet again, the Intel GPU does not have this issue, but on the other hand it does crash frequently. I've tested various graphic options in Radeon Settings but without success.
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    Somehow I found a solution for the long loading times. I played around with the DPI settings in the Compatibility Tab of the kingdoms.exe file the other day, not sure which setting resolved it but the game is loading much faster now. Even after undoing all changes, it still loads faster. If you ever run into this issue, this is the point where you should start.

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