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Thread: Late Era Campaign 1370

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    I think I could put something together (y)

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    Will timurids be playable? If not, why not move date to 1380 so that they are playable? They are very interesting. If you plan to remove some units and add new ones, i am will to help with list. I am very interested in late medieval era.

    Another thing, can anyone provide me good map of 1370 ad?

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    No reason they can't be playable. We can talk about some new units after the initial release. There are a few ok maps online, just Google it.

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    I've asked you probably because I couldnt find authentic one on goggle. But nevermind il find it on other place.

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    Do you have something in mind how to portray Iran? Will Timurids be horde or they will have some citye? And what else factions could be in iran? It would be too much 'rebel' space between Jalairids and Timurids. Maybe adding Sarbadars between them? Im aware its too much work, im just asking about your vision of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blank View Post

    I am currently putting together a quick Late Era Campaign that begins in 1370. At this point it will not be especially historical, but more of an opportunity to play with Late Era units in a reasonable setting. A more historical version will follow in the next update

    In this version, the Mongols have been reset as The Golden Horde, while Kwarezm is now the Jalairid Sultanate. Would anyone like to take a stab at updating the descr_strat.txt and campaign_script.txt files for the Late Era? I could do it myself, but right now I have plenty of other things to do driving things towards a release as quickly as possible. I have attached those two files as they are for the High Era Campaign (1220). Note that the campaign script has been broken into two files because the upload limit to TWC is 1MB.

    For descr_strat, the units, buildings and leaders would need to be brought up to Late Era level, plus the Teutonic Order and Golden Horde would have established regions rather than appear by event. For the campaign_script, I think the only change would be to remove the script sections dealing with those 2 events.

    Would very much like to add this in if I can get permission:
    In the High Campaign that already exists, the Teutonic Order already has regions, so that's one less thing you have to do.

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    Hi PB,

    Is it correct that all cities have the plague when you start the 1370 campaign?

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    Thats WiP and not playable at this point.

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