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Thread: Enemies of the People? Trump's Assault on the Press

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    Default Re: Enemies of the People? Trump's Assault on the Press

    Yawn. Where were they when Obama seized Ali Watkins, Times reporter’s phone and email records, subpoenaed telephone records of the Associated Press, went after James Rosen of Fox News calling him a ‘co-conspirator’ in a leak about NK’s nuclear program using security badge records to track his comings and goings to the state department and tracing the timing of his calls with security advisors, and ramping up efforts to get James Risen of NYT to reveal his confidential source about the Jeffrey Sterling investigation. As well as using a century old law, the espionage act, a presidential record 9 times during his tenure.

    What has Trump done? Said some mean things?
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    Default Re: Enemies of the People? Trump's Assault on the Press

    Weak whataboutism aside, Trump has been attacked unfairly from almost all sides. His performance has been poor but most media outlets have fallen over themselves to smear him almost as badly as FOX did Obama.

    I'll put my conspiracy hat on for a minute, isn't weird that he's been so poorly performed but his worst errors have been drowned in teacup storms? Its like someone has put a turd in the Whitehouse to make the Whitehouse stink. I mean Mueller is mulling over Trump Jr's clear collusion with Russia, he should shoot his bolt and be done with it. Instead its left hanging so the odour permeates Trump's entire regime. The Clinton faction obviously are involved, but they've been smashed too.

    Trump's made a mixture of farcical and sensible cabinet choices. His generals have been mostly good (blundering Flynn, sacked for a technicality aside) and others have been positive trolling, like Pruitt at the EPA.

    I mean if you wanted to prepare the ground for coup or a deliberate constitutional crisis you'd put an ass like Trump in, make sure some basic elements of government kept running, and either leave the rest of the posts vacant or troll the Republic by putting clowns in a few choice positions.

    Of course you'd need a trustworthy,popular person on the wings, a cleanskin with a massive profile but no obvious political connections. Someone with access to the technology needed to create Trump and to spoil the evil political skills of the Clintons. Oh and billions upon billions of dollars. Gates is too old, Jobs is dead, Musk is a foreigner and can't run. Its not the old guard, Soros is Clinton-linked, the Kochs' stable is full of Bushes.

    On an unrelated note I wonder why Congress spent so much time and effort shaming Zuckerberg?

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