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Thread: Looking for SS6.2

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    Default Looking for SS6.2


    Does anyone still have the install files for this, or a version installed? I am looking to add in the 3 included mini-campaigns to the next RC/RR release and am having a difficult time getting them to work.

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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    I might still have it in my archives. Let me check and I'll revert asap

    Edit: I have nothing more than what is in this thread unfortunately
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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    Ok that might do it, will try 6.1 Cheers.

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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    Point Blank and Judeman,

    Thanks for your pm's, sadly I do not have 6.2 download any longer, I also checked SS Dev Forum, the links that Bane put up are no more, was Megaupload and Rapidshare.



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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    I believe I have ss6.2 RR/RC. I can upload it if you show me how. Do you have any experience modding ss6.1? If I upload ss 6.2 for you can you give me advice on why my ss6.1 does not load up? I have put all my finishing touches to my ss 6.1 mod, but i keep getting CTD's when I attempt to play it. Let me know if you need ss 6.2 uploaded and I will do it.

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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    That would be great, will have a look at how to upload it thanks
    For the CTDs, do you have the logs being generated? See this thread too

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    Default Re: Looking for SS6.2

    If anyone is interested I have ss 5.1, battle for the baltic for ss 6.1,basilea ton romanion for ss 6.1, and kingdom of heaven for ss 6.1.

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