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Thread: Mori clan victory cutscene sucks

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    Default Mori clan victory cutscene sucks

    I am really disappointed by the game victory scene for the Mori clan as it is just a recloured version of the Satasuma clan victory showing Katana Samurai dominating their enemies which has nothing to do with their clan specality. Contrast that with their defeat cutscene show the remmants of the Mori fleets being destroyed in battle. Seriously creative assembly why be so lazy and never bothering to come back fix the unsolved issues like you did with Rome 2. I can understand having the Hattori and the Ikko Ikki sharing the victory scenes of the Tokugawa (Hattori) and the Usegi (Ikko Ikki) but that is because those clans have very similar clan themes. Can you please at least finally making a proper victory cutscene for the Mori where we see their ship crushing hostile fleets. Also you should fix many bugs such as the Otomo clan starting matchlock koyaba no longer firing and the cannons on the Naban trade ship no longer properly reloading

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    Default Re: Mori clan victory cutscene sucks

    I think it's safe to say that Creative Assembly has no desire to fix these issues. Shogun 2 is seven years old now. It's almost time for another remake.

    As for matchlocks kobaya and Nanban cannons, is your game up to date? Are there any mods? Seems like those were an issue right after the DLC came out that was hotfixed.

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    Default Re: Mori clan victory cutscene sucks

    You are talking about a company who couldn't even develop a unique main-menu model for Otomo.
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    Default Re: Mori clan victory cutscene sucks

    If anything CA have gotten lazier and more generic as the years have gone on. I doubt we'll ever see a game even reaching the quality of Shogun 2 again.

    Now it's all about fantasy crap like a Chinese hero unit massacring 500 troops by shooting laser beams out of his spear.

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