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Thread: Tale of the Week 280: The Flowers of Evil - WINNER'S CIRCLE

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    Default Tale of the Week 280: The Flowers of Evil - WINNER'S CIRCLE

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    The Flowers of Evil

    Congratulations to NorseThing, whose artful and evocative entry won Tale of the Week 280, finishing ahead of Kilo11's poem by a single vote!

    If you missed the entries, you can catch the winning story below:

    TotW 280: The Flowers of Evil - WINNING SUBMISSION
    The Solitare Oriental Poppy
    James looked at the flower vase containing one single stem. This was a blood red bloom of an oriental poppy from his garden. He was in love with the one flower as it lay in the dry vase waiting to be fed some moisture to keep it vibrant. The flower vase was only pressed glass, but he imagined it to be hand crafted cut leaded glass. He could even see in his mind the beauty of the rainbows as the cut facets reflected the morning light.
    This was the ideal setting with the morning light. He began to apply the gloss to the canvas preparing to capture this moment for all time. James remembered back to the days when he would stare at similar blooms. He could imagine all sorts of stories. Thoughts of Georgia O'Keeffe started to form in his mind. The iconic bleached skulls. An imperfect and ancient skull with a rose settled upon it as if it was always a natural way of things. This was from his memory of her paintings. The paintings were poetry on canvas.
    Perhaps it was an addiction with her, but her fascination with the bleached bones of the desert southwest had brought James to New Mexico. The land of those bleached bones. The land of the unchanging desert sand that wore against everything exposed. The sun that reflected off the distant hills with waves of heat shimering off of the desert floor. The muted banded colors of the distant buttes. These were the images that O'Keeffe had captured at the Ghost Ranch. Time so eternal that ennui would overcome him.
    There was no time to waste. This must be started with the perfect light. He must try to capture the moment in time for all to appreciate. With that, he took his knife and began to apply the paint to the canvas. The vibrant and the muted were arranged on his palette ready to begin his most recent attempt at imortality of a solitare oriental poppy.

    Thank you to everyone who entered and all who voted, Tale of the Week would be nothing without you!

    TotW 280: Submission thread | Vote thread

    If you're interested in taking part in the Tale of the Week, you are invited to join us in Tale of the Week 281: The Hero of Legends.

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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 280: The Flowers of Evil WINNER'S CIRCLE

    Wow! I may have to thank many of the prior winners for their examples of how to write short, concise, and full of color. I did like Kilo11's poem. I was thinking of doing the same as I have a bit of love for poems. If I could write something worthy of submission within the rules, I might have lost and Kilo11 would have won. To win by one vote! Thanks.
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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 280: The Flowers of Evil WINNER'S CIRCLE

    Congratulations NorseThing!

    Chapter XXVII: The Choice
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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 280: The Flowers of Evil WINNER'S CIRCLE

    Congrats NorseThing, and you certainly earned this one. Besides, one of those votes you won by was my own, which I would gladly give again! Your tale was on the money and had everything I could have asked for. Plus, you had desert in yours, something that always gets me on your side! All in all, an excellent story which got a lot of emotion and imagery into an unimaginably condensed space. Well done, you!
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