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Thread: For the Glory of the Empire - an Eastern Roman Empire grand campaign

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    Default For the Glory of the Empire - an Eastern Roman Empire grand campaign

    For the Glory of the Empire - an Eastern Roman Empire grand campaign

    Story by Lucius Verus

    "Dear Brother,

    Our father's will has left us in command of the Roman Empire, from Atlanticus to Judea; Aegyptus to is up to us to come together as one and revive our great empires. I will support you to no end and I trust that you will do for me too. These wretched barbarians are not to be trusted. The time has come to settle this question once and for all. For the Glory of Rome and Constantinople!

    Imperator Arcadius Augustus"

    395 AD Constantinople

    Emperor Theodosius has departed this world leaving his son Arcadius in charge of the Eastern Empire as Augustus and his Brother Honorius in the West. This child of 16 now wields the purple garb of Augustus, and has much to do to prove that he is the God-given ruler that his father was. This child was shown to be wise beyond his years, and immediately impressed many in the Imperial court, most notably by Praetorian Prefect Rufinus, although many remained skeptical. To help alleviate this, Rufinus was overjoyed to learn that Arcadius named him as heir - even as 30 years his senior. This was key to help earning the respect of a tattered army broken from the Thracian Gothic wars.

    Now is the time to reclaim our past glory!

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    ACT I

    Arcadius, through his prefect Rufinus, decreed to strengthen border defenses in the East, as well as Thracia. The traitor Alaric and his Visigoths have raided and ransacked all of Thrachia, taking Thessaloniki and installing Anicius Volusus as his client king in the new city-state of Macedon. Alaric's brother-in-law Ataulf went on to capture Scupi and installed his own client king there in the new city-state of Dacia, Virius Figulus.

    Macedon wasted no time in asserting its presence in the area, quickly assembling two armies one of which marched northwest seizing the lightly defended important gold mines at Trimontium. Flush with this victory, Macedon marched far to the north laying siege to the town of Vimicium. However, unbeknownst to the Macedonians, instead of expecting light resistance, the town was guarded by Legio IV Flavia Felix under Aebutianus whom immediately sallied forth catching the Macedonians off guard, completely routing and destroying the enemy army. Aebutianus and his legion rejoiced, but knew that the Goths were lurking about and must soon get to work preparing the legion and town for battle.

    Meanwhile in the East, the uneasy peace with the Sassanid Empire continued. The roving tribe of the Tanukhids under Tubbakarib surprised and seized the garrison at Emesa and installed their own client king Alhan forming the city state of Palmyra.

    Arcadius, the young Augustus, now faces his first tests....

    "God, father....grant me the strength....."

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    Alaric received word of the Macedon defeat at Vimicium and flew into a rage. He immediately convened at council of war with Ataulf, who expeditiously set off for Vimicium, laying seige to the city. Again, Aebutanius sallied forth out of the city hoping to surprise the Goths, but he himself was surprised and attacked and retreated back into the town with heavy casualties. Alaric was still a few days march behind his brother, but would arrive soon hoping to finish off Aebutanius once and for all.

    In the East, Tubbakarib wasted no time in continuing his own reign of terror by occupying Tyre and mercilessly destroying the town and burning the countryside. However, just as the Tanukhids were wrapping up their plundering and leaving the area, Legio III Cyraenica under Flavius Caesarius appeared through the smoke and attacked Tubbakarib's unprepared forces, loaded down with slaves and plunder from their sack and destruction of Tyre. Caesarius attacked and brilliantly through back Tubbakarib, trapping him along the coast where the rest of his force were trapped between the sea and Caesarius whom pushed his advantage and mercilessly slaughtered the Tanukhids, sending the head of Tubbakarib to his successor Alatha as a warning.

    "My Lord, me with thy hand...."

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    Legio III Parthia under Flavius Timasius departed Edessa and marched south to wipe out a small Palmyran contingent led by the client king, and Emesa shall be easily taken next season which was with minimal effort. Caesarius in the meantime moved his legion back into the ruins of Tyrus with designs of rebuilding the once proud coastal city and immediately set his men to work into repairing the city and replanting the torched countryside. Tanukhid king Yamha, upon receiving the head of Nubbakarib, immediately agreed to peace with the Roman emissaries.

    With the East somewhat stabilized for now, Alaric - content with Ataulf's seige of Vimicium - moved northwest into Western Empire territory. Meanwhile, the Romans were secretly assembling their legions - with young Emperor Arcadius at the front - ready to strike into Thracia and crush the Goths when the opportunity arises. Arcadius with his Legio IX Herculae, from Ephesus, was going to strike across the Aegean and join forces with Gaius Barba and his Legio X Alaudae stationed at Corinthus.

    Rufinus and his Legio VIII Invicta stationed at Ancyra will march to Constantinople at join with Vindonius and his Legio XI Claudia.

    "We must wrest control of our proud Empire from these stupid barbarians....."

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    Summer 396 AD

    Emperor Arcadius landed near Athens and immediately began preparing for the upcoming campaign. Barba and the men of Legio X were surprised and taken aback upon seeing the Emperor, but soon overjoyed at his presence. The men were surprised at the youthful appearance of Arcadius, but reassured as he soon demonstrated himself with strength and cleverness. Arcadius camped near Athens while Barba moved further up the Greek isthmus. For weeks, Barba had received reports of Macedonian armies marching towards Athens and Peloponnesus. It was decided that Barba would lure the Macedonians in with a feint retreat as there was no way that Macedon expected another Roman legion let alone the Emperor himself!

    The trap was sprung.

    Macedonian client king Volosus was cornered and himself along with his force were surprised, overrun, and killed. Upon receiving word of the death of their king, the Macedonians chose Septimus Tulla as their king, but even he was in a precarious position with two Roman legions in pursuit.

    Further north, Vimicium was still holding out and yet Altauf's position was growing stronger. Rufinus and Vindonius left Constantinople with their legions and marched northwest, retaking Trimontium. Suddenly, the Macedonians and Goths were in a deteriorating position.

    "God will guide our swords and arrows..."

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    ​Upon receiving word of the Roman legions advancing towards Vimicium, Altauf abandoned the siege and fled back across the Danube into Dacia. Aebutanius and his severely diminished army held out! He moved the remnants of his battered army back to Trimontium for much needed rest and replenishment.

    Rufinus and Vindonius briefly met with him and the heir to the Roman throne praising him, before the two legions marched off to and retook Scupi. However, scouts reported that Alaric was again in the area raiding and advancing south towards Dyrrhachium.

    In the south, the new Macedonian client king retreated back to Thessalonica and Barba and Emperor laid siege.

    Meanwhile, the Ostrogoths and Dacians declared war.

    "The tide is turning...."

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    After Aebdanius retreated to Trimontium, Altauf reappeared and seized a devastated Vimicium. His victory would be short-lived, however...

    The Emperor, backed by Barba, crushed the Macedonians at Thessalonica and the young Emperor rode triumphantly into the city to jubilant citizens reclaiming it in the name of the Empire. He immediately set to work resting his army and rebuilding the city. Barba, his forces still in great shape, moved north after receiving a message from Rufinus and saluting his Emperor. Barba joined forces with Rufinus and Vindonius near Scupi and immediately set off for Vimicium, laying seige to the city. Altauf, realizing that his situation was hopeless, did battle and fought valiantly, but in vain. In true Roman fashion, Altauf was beheaded and his head was sent to his brother Alaric whom upon receiving this news, wept for days.

    "The hand of God at work...."

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    Default Re: For the Glory of the Empire - an Eastern Roman Empire grand campaign

    I love the plot of this AAR, the brutal wars of the later 4th and 5th Century are a favorite topic of mine. Do you have any screenshots of the campaign map, as you subdue this Gothic incursion?

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    Default Re: For the Glory of the Empire - an Eastern Roman Empire grand campaign

    This sounds like an exciting campaign and you present it well here.

    Like Beckitz, I'd be interested to see the campaign map. Of course, images aren't compulsory, there's nothing wrong with a text-only AAR if you prefer that. If you'd like to use screenshots but aren't sure how, a recent Critic's Quill article on Screenshots and Maps in AARs might help.
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