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Thread: Some questions about the economy and the game mechanics

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    Default Some questions about the economy and the game mechanics

    First of all let me say that this is an oncredible mod, said it severall times and will keep saying it again, great job. Now let me bother you all with my troubles .

    First of all i ve been having some issues with the game economy, since some patches and fixes ago. I playing with romans on very hard and i need to have my taxes all the way up to get around 20/40 k income, if i set them to the normal values they will be around 20ish k or more negative.

    On my provinces where farming is the main source of income i ve only build farms, forums that provide bonuses for farming and a granary in each major town. Roads i tend to build in cities that provide huge tax bonuses, and farming ones are not the ones that do that, from what i ve understand and according to the information about those regions. I always try to build ports that provide major trade tarifs, i have only one military port. Should i replace some of these trade ports for fishing ones in cities that farms are not the best idea since they are industrial areas and not farming ones ?

    Regarding cities where industrial is the main source of income what i've been building is roads (private ones), mints an aqueduct to support all those filthy plebs. Am i doing anything wrong here ? Also what type of city should i also use, since some of them are good at public order bonuses, but when you are at mid game i don't think the Independent towns are the best, or am i wrong ?

    Is it best if i import food from the edicts and if i do not build any farms at all in industrial cities ?

    Should i always build the buildings that provide special resources or in some cases just ignore if i already have the resource somewhere else ?

    Regarding the marian reforms i've noticed that sopmetimes i can't recruit the units even if i have the required building. The required building can be a civis stipendiaria or any of the others thast they suggest, but do i require to build this in the provincial capital or in any of the other small towns ? Do i need to build always the ones that we have in Italy to be assured that i can recruit the legions without any issues or building the tribute, state independant cities work as well ?

    I'veread some posts and threads already created, and i know that the reforms have some issues, i m just not sure if they have been fixed at 99.9%. I'm aware that the game is still in early alpha. If some intel can be provided to me i will be grateful.

    Also i don't have many armies, aroud 10. I control Greece, Italy, Hispania, most of it, apart from one large town and 3 minor ones that belong to my client states. I've a few other cities in Gaul, i own Sicilia and Crete.

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Some questions about the economy and the game mechanics

    Playing on Very Hard may be your problem. The mod is designed to be challenging on Normal. Sounds like you are doing OK up to now; you certainly have gone farther into the game than I have with all the updates and new starts.

    Maintaining ten stacks must put a real drag on your income.

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    Default Re: Some questions about the economy and the game mechanics

    Hum, thanks mate. I ve something close to 160 turns on my vh/vh campaign, but damn it it costs me so much and sometimes i need to send my armies to raid so i can get a few extra k to my cash. Starting a new campaign on normal/normal, i just hope the a.i. is aggressive

    I thought i was doing something wrong. I was being very carefull with the structures i built to maximize my income, but oh wel, rip. Guess a new campaign will be the answer.

    The armies only cost around 70 kish, what is draining my economy is the buildings upkeep that is close to 200 k meh :/

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