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Thread: Modification of a model'sunit ¡Help, please!

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    Default Modification of a model'sunit ¡Help, please!

    Hello, I have a big problem modifying the model of a unit. I'm new modifying units and I'm starting to experiment. I made a small change with a model, I changed his head. For now, I did not texturize this head correctly, I want to start seeing the model correctly in the game. This is the model:

    This new model, indicating its route is due in the battle_models, and converted to the .mesh format, the game "reads" it in a horrible way, it distorts them terribly, as can be seen in the images.

    Please, help me, I appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Modification of a model'sunit ¡Help, please!

    Everything you need to know in order to fix this, you are able to find here:
    [Tutorial] Collection of tutorials: "Learn-on-the-job", AKA "Holding a noob's hand"

    And specifically, it is the first case for you.
    Read very carefully and follow the instructions.

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    Default Re: Modification of a model'sunit ¡Help, please!

    waaaaauuuuuu, is an excellent study material !!!, friend, thank you very much !!!!!, I am very grateful. Blessings!!!

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