LineBattle mod [Work in Progress]

My first mod that I newly upload and is still not done. I'm new to the Total War Center and I'm enjoying the mods I download here on Total War Center and it is great. I wish to make other people especially those who are new in Total War Games, which Empire and Napoleon are my favorite to enjoy my first mod and to see the reviews of my first mod.

My Mod changes the unit stats on land of the ff. only for now:

United Kingdom:
British Foot-Accuracy:10 Reload:25 Melee:7 Defense:8
Highland Foot-Accuracy:12 Reload:27 Melee:9 Defense:7
British 88th Foot-Accuracy:14 Reload:29 Melee:11 Defense:10
British KGL Foot-Accuracy:11 Reload:26 Melee:7 Defense:9
Black Watch-Accuracy:16 Reload:27 Melee:12 Defense:10
British Coldstream Guards-Accuracy:18 Reload:30 Melee:15 Defense:14

French Empire:
French Fusiliers-Accuracy:10 Reload:24 Melee:7 Defense:7
French Grenadiers-Accuracy:11 Reload:26 Melee:8 Defense:6
French Young Guard-Accuracy:13 Reload 27 Melee:10 Defense:11 <-(Forgot to change Morale!)
Old Guard-Accuracy:18 Reload:29 Melee:16 Defense:10

+ 15th Hussars reduced to 24 since it gives me the idea which is the feeling that looks like Earl of Uxbridge, its officer.
General's Staff and Duke of Wellington reduced to 12.
Marcheal Ney reduced to 18? or 15?
if I can remember. (Too lazy to re-check..)

Download link to my mod< Below!

Thanks for trying and downloading my mod! -zoeromero_Main