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    Default The Dude's Classrom

    Could you even imagine that something like this existed??

    However, I had a rug (don't worry about the big stain in the middle of it, its just.. errr orange juice) and some desks which I found on the local dump, so I wondered that I could make up a classroom to teach you lads some useless things.

    For the moment I have two classes in mind:

    - for those who are interested, a basic Italian course; you might never know when you will end up in Rome and have to understand which bus you are supposed to take to get to the Police Stat.. err I mean the Coliseum.

    - for reviewers/writers: a course on how to write reviews and possible on how to do interviews

    So far it is all, if anyone is interested, please just post here below


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    Default Re: The Dude's Classrom

    Mildly interested in both, though slightly more in the second.

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    Default Re: The Dude's Classrom

    Interested in the interviewing course.

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    I'd like to learn Italian

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