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    I've been suffering lag in a variety of Steam games, most notably Rome II and Medieval II. Happened after I bought and installed Warhammer: Total War and Attila: Total War, which have been refunded for bad performance and uninstalled to try and solve my issue, respectively. In M2, lag takes the form of audio loops of music and freezes whenever I press something on the campaign map and momentary freezes on the battle map along with audio loops or cut outs. On the main menu, it is similar: lag whenever I press something combined with audio cut outs.

    Rome 2 surprisingly seems to have less lag. On the main menu, the music will not play but background sounds will. If I press, for example, custom battles, then it will take numerous seconds to load, while before it'd load almost instantly. On the campaign map, the music will cut out and lag will occur relatively frequently. Battles, especially large ones, see lag every 5-15 seconds and audio cut outs at similar frequencies.

    So far, I have verified the caches for both games, uninstalled a massive amount of games, uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics card, checked my driver, and uninstalled and reinstalled a game affected by the steam game. I believe I had a roommate uninstalled and reinstalled Steam, though I am unsure if he did or not. I am most likely going to uninstall and reinstalled R2 and M2, and may attempt to uninstall and reinstall Steam.

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    Forgive me for my third post in a row, but I have just exited out of a R:TW game and have confirmed that similar problems are afflicting it, though it seems to only exist in battle.

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