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Thread: Can you give me advice on my current situation?

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    Default Can you give me advice on my current situation?

    So I need help with something here. I'm trying to attack ikko ikki but at the same time has to deal with Ito

    In this picture(turn 77), I didn't declare war with ikko yet but is attacking one of Ito's province

    If i do this, I will immediantly trigger realm divide. All clan will declare war. So

    But if I made peace with Ito and then go to war with Ikko, the Ito will declare war on me 2 turn later and bring out their entire army to wipe out one of my province and possibly continue to invade other province too. I try everything to make peace(giving money, hostage) but doesn't work. My troop definitely wouldn't reach Ito army in time since the city they attack is around 7 turns away. However, if I do march my army to ito, ikko will attack province that is near it

    As you can see, If I wipe out one of ito's province first, I will wipe their entire army with the city
    If I declare war on ikko, the Takeda will befriend me and made military alliance. If I capture on of Ikko province, every clan will go to war with me except Takeda

    So, Recap: I am at war with Ito and if I capture one of their pronvince and kill all of their army with them, all clan declare war on me. However, If i made peace with Ito and war with Ikko ikki, will declare war on me 2 turn after that and bring their army to capture one of my province. If I capture and ikko province, all clan will declare war on me except takeda. So what should I do?

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    Default Re: Can you give me advice on my current situation?

    If you stay at 16 provinces for an extended period of consolidation you will lower the RD trigger to a point where you can take 4 maybe 5 more provinces before the inevitable RD. Defend against both the Ikko Ikki and Ito from castles - do not expand for quite a while. A naval stack will block the crossing point from the Ito home provinces. If you don't have a strong naval force I think you may be stuffed. Blocking the sea crossing and attacking invasions at sea will shut the Ito threat down. A cheap and effective stack is 4 Medium Bune and 6 bow Kobaya, you should have about a dozen of these stacks and ideally as many more as you can afford. All other combinations of ships are pointless and expensive. Make peace, turtle down and defend and pick fights with whoever controls the trade nodes - to win you need to control all the western nodes with full stack trade ships on them, hence the need for a strong navy. Train up priests and incite unrest in the Ikko Ikki provinces that border yours, that will help contain them. Ikko Ikki always have trouble gaining allies and others will go to war with them while you sit back and wait. Building up your finances is the best way to weather RD, and having the trade nodes. When RD hits, make every province you take a vassal and establish a trade pact with them.

    So in short - stop expansion, defend your borders from your castles, build a strong navy to take and defend the trade nodes, increase your wealth and wait. Turtle for many many turns - maybe as much as 100. Use the time to develop tech and infrastructure.

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    Default Re: Can you give me advice on my current situation?

    It would help if you told us what difficulty you play and what kind of campaign (short, long, domination). Anyways if you are not ready to go to Realm Divide, and it seems like you are not, just stop expanding and defend the borders. In the meantime, build your economy. Take those trade nodes man.

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    Default Re: Can you give me advice on my current situation?

    Do you have any high ranking ninja anywhere near? Because you might accept to lose a city for a while but stall Ito there, while you rush to defend. If you are close to RD your only way forward is to consolidate, accumulate money and train your agents to the top rankings until you are ready to trigger it.

    The alliance with the Takeda is semi-pointless since they will eventually come for you given your current situation, though it might earn you 10 turns during RD.

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