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Thread: Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

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    Default Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

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    Twist a Cliché Nr.1: The Magic Sword

    After a close tie-breaker we finally have a winner! It is my pleasure to congratulate Kilo11 for his victory! And it wasn't easy, winning against Adamat's story by one vote.

    Twist a Cliché Nr.1: The Magic Sword - WINNING SUBMISSION The bandit leaps forward, a quick motion Matt could never counter. Clumsily, the blade drags his arm to parry the blow, crowing insults as it does so. Their swords meet with a clash and before he can stop it his own weapon is thrusting forward. It digs into the attacker’s left thigh, by the sound of things chipping the bone along the way.

    “Ach, weel, it looks like yer man will never be a dancer.” The sword brightly taunts in brittle tones, its sound skipping ears and instead cutting straight into thought.

    Matt snarls a warning to it even as the other men close in. As each moves to strike the dark blade meets them, cutting into legs and toes with an evil grin. The sword long ago lost its desire to kill, but old habits die hard and the taste for blood must be met one way or another. Flashing iron and flushing insults dance over the moor for only minutes and as suddenly as it began the fray ends.

    At this point another tale might say how eerily silent the high grasses became, how Matt was alone with the wind and the sighing grasslands. However, other tales would not include Morn, the Lightbringer’s Sword.

    Morn was forged in the First Days, and had by its ragged edge taken armies into the dark. But after an age of killing it had lost its lust for death, and in a search for peace found Matt, a clumsy shepherd boy too good for his own good. They had now fought countless enemies together, and Morn always cut down those who stood against the champion-fool, but never again would that blade swing a death-blow. And so Matt stands amidst a semi-circle of reeking bandits unable to move, screaming in agony, anger, and embarrassment at their defeat.

    With the moaning loud in his ears he steps away from the wounded men and holds Morn at arm’s-length, staring hard at the simple hilt with its odd cross-hatch pattern. “Happy?” he asks mercilessly. “One more refuge lost, burned out by fools looking for a magic sword that grants great power, and again we’re on the road, you no closer to that warm mantle where I can hang you up for a decent night’s sleep.” Matt continues staring at Morn until the dark metal begins to shift beneath his gaze, desperately trying to turn its back on him.

    A’m sorry.

    “I couldn’t hear you there.” Matt says.

    “A’m sorry.” Morn repeats more loudly. “A’ll keep me mouth shut when next we’re riding through wild country.”

    “And?” Matt presses.

    “And a’ll ‘member that it’s yus who’s goin’ tae hang me high over the mantle when all’s done.”

    “Right.” Matt concludes, visibly satisfied. Then, as if to ease the burden, he twists his lips into a devilish grin. “It was a bit fun that time though, eh?”

    Morn is silent, but a certain trick of the light suggests that the cold metal is somehow winking in answer.

    A big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry or voted in the poll from me on behalf of all the WS Staff. A wonderful competition with a close tie-breaker!

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    If want to take part in a Tale of the Week competition, you can do so by entering a story in our current TotW 281: The Hero of Legends, or vote in TotW: 280: The Flowers of Evil

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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

    GG Enjoyed writing this one, Kilo congrats!

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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

    I want to do this one again. With a better entry of course. Congratulations to Kilo and all who submitted an entry. It was great to read all of them!

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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

    I also really enjoyed writing and reading this one, and was not at all sure what would happen with that tie-breaker vote. Adamat's story was awesome in a number of respects, and I can see why there was only a one-vote difference. Thanks to everyone for making these competitions so much fun to take part in and vote on. It's proving to be great fun!
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    Default Re: Tale of the Week 279: The Magic Sword - WINNER'S CIRCLE

    Congratulations, Kilo! The humorous style and fantasy setting reminded me of Terry Pratchett's fantastic Discworld series.

    Thanks to all the writers who submitted such enjoyable stories and to theSilentKiller for running the competition)!

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