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Thread: Trump announces... Space Force?

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    Default Re: Trump announces... Space Force?

    um... Astropolitik as a real geopolitical concept has existed since the Cold War. International Space Law exists and it has since 1967. The Moon Agreement was signed in 1979. Entire doctrines have been written in the 1990's and early 2000's. Satellites revolutionized warfare in the past 50 years and China's anti-satellite weapon tested in 2007 accelerated the development of Astropolitik and space doctrines.

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    Default Re: Trump announces... Space Force?

    Quote Originally Posted by HannibalExMachina View Post

    the last time someone tried to put weapons into space was part of an inherently irational system of mutual assured destruction, so what will we do this time? you dont need space marines against space pirates or aliens, so what is your space force gonna do? we went from land and sea to air superiority, so space is just the next step.
    Defend satellites, Space Stations, and other key objectives that happen to be in space.

    Read this.

    "If you were an adversary attacking the US, you'd start by attacking satellites," said Singer. "The first shots in a war between the US and China or Russia, no one would likely hear." China and Russia also rely on space systems for numerous functions, but the US is more heavily dependent. Chinese and Russian jets still use analogue systems in their older jets and tanks and boats, and could operate better without satellites.
    In that way, the US's strength in space assets has become a dragging liability
    the US already waste a colossal amount of money on its military, while slashing social spending and creating a shortfall of taxes, so one might also want to think about the economics.
    There is no economy without a capable military to defend it. Same how an American will tell you there is no liberty without an armed citizenry to defend it.
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    Default Re: Trump announces... Space Force?

    You would probably whine the loudest once the Chicoms and the Russians take out the satellites - your phone, internet, job (if any) etc. would be kaput. As long as there are humans, there are going to be conflicts. Therefore, accept it, defend against bad actors, or if you really can't deal with reality - then just don't procreate and give birth to babies. Without giving rise to your spawns, you are doing a yeoman's job of stopping overpopulation, exhaustion of natural resources, slowing global warming/climate change, closing the hole in the ozone layer, and any liberal problems of the decade. Even better, for a more immediate effect, just off yourselves to see immediate benefits in the above categories and to cease witnessing of further conflicts.

    As said before, it was already reported that the Chicoms and Russians had initiated the first trial attacks on the world communication satellites.

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