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    Hi PB,

    I've got a couple of suggestions for the Mod. Just things I've noticed would help the AI cope with the player on the Battle map.

    1/ Remove the Ribault, it fires way too fast, its like a machine gun, when you add the penetration attribute its way op. The Monster Ribault seems fine on the other hand, much slower reloading.

    2/Speed up the marching speed of units when in Spear wall so they march faster than a walk.
    The AI leaves its Pike and Halberd units in shield wall then Marches very slowly towards the player. Its a massacre most of the time. Speeding them up helps them match the rest of there army, so they don't arrive 10 minutes after the rest of there army.

    3/ Remove the skirmish ability from gun powder units.
    The AI spends its whole time running back and forward, occasionally gets a shot off, gets charged/shot up by the player.

    For example.

    The AI shows up for a battle with Pikes, halberds, various gunners, some cav, and some infantry.

    The gunners try to move in, however due to the skirmish ability they constantly retreat and advance, all the while getting shot by the player, unable to shoot back. If they do start to shoot, advance a light cav units and the whole dance begins again.
    The regular infantry leave the Pike and Halbards in the dust, they attack on the own, get routed.
    The Pikes and Halberds painfully inch forward, there gunners and infantry long destroyed. Arrows and bullets rapidly shred them, chain rout.

    I've made those changes to my game, it seems to help, it certainly doesn't hurt. The faster Spear wall movement doesent make much of a difference to the Player, but does help the AI.
    The Player never uses skirmish with gunpowder units, but removing it helps the AI, esp with Hand gunners and Arqabrusers. And the Ribault, well its rife for abuse by the player.

    What do you think?
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    Default Re: A couple of suggestions

    I'd support these observations. I'd add - as I recall perhaps from the SS6.4 - the Rimbault appears in the game very un-historically in the East (Poland, Rus), and rather early (13c). I'd indeed support removing it.
    For those who want to play a historical mod in a medieval setting:
    try either the Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project + minimods,
    or the Broken Crescent + Buff and Shine submod.
    Reviews of the mods: SSHIP (2018), Wrath of the Norsemen (2018), Broken Crescent (2018).
    Minimods for the SSHIP: Generals Traits, Provincial Titles, Crowns.
    Short guides for the SSHIP: population growth, forts and watchtowers.
    Pros and cons of having Merchants in an M2TW mod.
    Home rules for playing a game without exploiting the M2TW engine deficiencies.
    Dominant strategy in Attila TW and Rome 2 TW: “Sniping groups of armies”.
    A review of the Thrones of Britannia after the Sept 2018 update.

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    All sounds good, will implement immediately (y)

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    Ok I implemented these changes and they definitely helped, especially increasing the movement speeds of phalanx units. Good job!

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