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Thread: Dol Guldur-Amon Lanc conversion mod problem!

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    Default Dol Guldur-Amon Lanc conversion mod problem!

    Hi all, wondering if anyone can help with a problem I don't understand.

    I'm trying to do a little modding to reflect the destruction of Dol Guldur after Sauron's defeat. I've reactivated the unused castle->city conversion building in export_descr_building, allowing ONLY Lorien or the Silvan Elves to convert castles into cities (not vice versa), and ONLY in Dol Guldur (via a new hidden resource). To encourage doing this, I've also made the elves unable to recruit in Dol Guldur while it remains a castle.

    This means that once captured, the elves must convert the castle, and doing so changes the unique strat map and battle models of DG into generic elven ones, which I think is appropriate given that the fortress is supposed to be completely destroyed.

    So here's the problem... When the castle is converted, it doesn't change into an elven settlement - the strat map and battle models are both of a generic human-looking city all grey stone walls and towers. The review panel says that the 'stone wall' building is elvish, but the settlement models don't reflect this.

    Just to confirm, I've tried upgrading large towns into cities in other regions, and that works fine, so the problem is not with elven cities in general - it's something to do with conversion. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Dol Guldur-Amon Lanc conversion mod problem!

    Update: problem half solved! Strat map model sorted, battle model still wrong.

    The issue lies with the fact that the Deep Mirkwood region is set as being created by 'norway', not the 'mongols' in order to allow the custom models for Dol Guldur. Annoyingly, this still affects the building once it is converted into a city. I've copied the elven large town strat map model (city is too big for my liking) and put it in the 'norway' folder, renamed as northern_european_city to match norway's culture. This has worked - once converted, Dol Guldur (renamed as Amon Lanc) now looks like a default elven large town - hurray!

    Unfortunately the battle model is still a generic 'northern_european' city, because this is what 'norway' use. So how do I tell the game to load an elven large town instead of a northern european city when loading a 'norwegian' city on the battle map? It must be possible, but I can't work out how to do it!

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