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Thread: Macedonia Naming Dispute: Solved?

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    Can anyone provide a map of the ancient macedonia including the territories of the so called "Vardar and Pirin Macedonia"? Because these areas were the kingdom of Paeonia Dardania and other territories, not Macedonia. The only area that used to be part of the ancient Kingdom and is now out of Greek borders is the area of Monastiri (known as Bitola).

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    Can some of the Greek members explain to me how exactly Macedonia could use a military/economic with Greece against Greece? As far as I know there aren't that many Slavic Macedonians in Greek Macedon.
    Well, there could be mass immigration in our area. If they become members of the EU, it would be easier for them to do so. In a few years there could be a sizeable group of immigrants.
    But as for military, well, I know of a country that in 1821 they were just a bunch of ragtag rebels, and less than 100 years later, they were entering the capital of the country they had rebelled against back in 1821. This country is, in fact, Greece.
    Turkey is already on the side of Skopje. Turkey is a force to be reckoned with, and it is in the area. So is Albania, a country equally hostile to Greece. Who does Greece, on the other hand, have as an ally? The non-existent EU? The US? I don't think you would find many Greeks who would believe that they US would step in to aid Greece. Certainly not after what happened in Cyprus in '74, and certainly not after the attitude of the US in the face of Turkey's "NATO rebellion". Turkey is already getting the F35 (to be used solely against us, since, the Kurds have no air force), as well as the javelin missile, again to be used against us, since the Kurds have no (or have very few) armor.

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