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Thread: Macedonia Naming Dispute: Solved?

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    Default Re: Macedonia Naming Dispute: Solved?

    As I had predicted, contrary to the doom and gloom scenarios of the media, two thirds of the Macedonian parliament voted to modify the Constitution. The process is not over yet, because every change needs to be approved separately, but the majority required is much smaller and comfortably covered by the representatives of the governing coalition. In essence, from the Macedonian side, the most serious obstacle has been surpassed, which means that the only thing that can seriously jeopardize the agreement is a possible failure of the Greek Parliament to gather the absolute majority (1/2+1). I genuinely didn't understand all that pessimist attitude following the referendum. Sure, the participation rate was disappointing, but the victory of "Yes" was overwhelming, so Skopje was perfectly justified, from a moral perspective, to pursue its goal. After all, the referendum was only advisory and solely intended to legitimize the policy of Zaev's administration, something that the 90%+ percentage casually achieved. I suspect that the support from several opposition MPs was guaranteed in a perhaps controversial manner, but that hardly undermines the validity of the result, considering the overwhelming endorsement of the government's proposal by the Macedonian society. It's too early to celebrate before the Greek Parliament ratifies the deal, but I am optimist it will pass, even if the current government collapses. Ironically enough, the Greek Minister of Defense is presumably outraged over yesterday's events. He's the head of "Independent Greeks", a far-right party and member of the ruling coalition, so he's anxious to avoid a potentially embarrassing vote. I suppose he's afraid of provoking the fall of the government (and thus the loss of his precious political and financial power) by rejecting the negotiations, but he has also difficulties in adopting an initiative that is obviously viewed as treacherous by his voters. A typical self-contradiction of right-wing populism, when chauvinist bubble conflicts with reality and your personal interests...

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    I cannot believe we might finally see the end of the most shameful, puerile and sleazy dispute in human history.
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