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Thread: How to get as many generals possible? Meaning: I need more children.

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    Default How to get as many generals possible? Meaning: I need more children.

    I'm not a Stainless Steel veteran. But I'm definitely a resourceful player in medieval 2 .

    Anyway, I play vh/vh with the byzantine empire and I'm on turn 78.
    I've conquered all of anatolia + the 2 regions south/east of the caucases all the greek states, islands and sicily, tripoli, 2 souther italian states and Rome.

    Sicily has been a great pain since the beginning and kept attacking me so I took their land and il corleone is gone now. The pope didn't like this because he is lame so he attacked my full stack army in naples with my 10 star general because his hat makes him stupid I think. But because he attacked and then I crushed him all the other italian factions started war with me because the pope is holy and all that shite but the ai on vh/vh is a real bugger and for some reason they can upkeep at least twice the amount of armies that I could had I control over their respective domains.
    I have a 10 star general who is age 68. How long will he live, usually not that long right. Without him I'm toast because the papal states which has pisa and bologna gang up on me together with Genoa and Venice and all 3 factions send full stack armies for over 10 turns towards rome and it doesn't stop. There's not even a crusade on rome, I can't have that to lol.

    It's like their armies spawn out of thin air. The only reason I keep them off is because I have this 10 star general, without him, italy will not be mine. They also have 6 through 8 star generals respectively and most of the battles are tough.
    Italy could hae been mine if I had the recruitment and command capabilities I usually have in my playthroughs but my campaign seems to have a big big problem. A problem I've been running into on all my stainless steel playthroughs but more so with the byzantines. Maybe you guys can help me.

    The problem is the lack of generals and governors, meaning I don't have enough family members. I need many governors for production in all my cities and some generals near the eastern border because the Mongols can always decide to attack.
    It leaves me with next to no extra generals capable of defending/attacking italy but also no required governors to recruit armies in the italian fortresses and settlements I need to fend of the armies in Italy.

    I only have 1 extra general next to my commanding general in to be used on the western front because somehow several family members recently died. I use him to ship him to all the settlement and fortresses in sicily, naples and southern greek states but Venice also attacks in greece.

    If I had more governors (family members) I could recruit in more settlements to field more armies. But I have about half the amount of generals compared to the amount of controlled regions and that is minus the generals recquired to do battle in the field.
    I never have been good with maintaining a balanced family tree, I'm at a lost on how to control it properly. Maybe it's also a lot different in stainless steel to Medieval 2 vanilla.

    I use my princesses a lot. Are there generals notorious for having many of the fertile traits in my neighbouring factions that I could marry?

    I'm thinking about restarting this campaign and if many of you have some good tips on helping me to simulate a royal baby boom of some sort I would appreciate it.
    Any tip on getting more royal babies is a welcome one, including tips on how to train or acquire many of the fertile traits.

    I also don't know how and who I should adopt. Sometimes I get faction pop ups that some very old family member has joined me through adoption or that some old guy got bethrothed. Can the same guy get bethrothed at a much earlier age? I mean, it seems logical that the earlier one gets bethrothed the more children they could potentially get.
    Is there any way to manage this?
    Remember that I expanded a lot with the byzantines in a short amount of time which is part of the reason why I'm short on family members. I do hope this game or Stainless steel specifically hands me the tools to more or less dictate how my family may look like over the course of 80 turns.

    Your response is appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to get as many generals possible? Meaning: I need more children.

    The M2TW engine gives children and spouses and adoptions until the number of generals and princesses (and perhaps children, I don't remember) is roughly equal to the number of provinces. This is not a fixed number, there might be deviations of +/- a few generals.

    If you've got more generals than provinces, you will get neither spouses, nor children, nor adoptions. Fertility doesn't have any impact on it. It matters only if that number is correct. So you need either to take more provinces or get some of the generals killed.

    The engine also "fixates" at one character. It usually keeps proposing a spouse for a general/a princess/a women in the family tree for several turns, if you keep on declining.

    You may recruit new generals as "Bodyguard" units and break the limits. But they won't be in the family tree and the engine won't give you any more characters, for the described reasons.

    You may try to marry your princesses to the foreign generals thus "stealing" them. They'll be in the family tree but again, the engine won't give you any more characters.
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    Default Re: How to get as many generals possible? Meaning: I need more children.

    The game engine assumes you're always going to be expanding. Also they want you to make choices as to which cities get governors and which do not.

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    Default Re: How to get as many generals possible? Meaning: I need more children.

    Ive seen that, sometimes if you keep your Royal family very small (you have 2 sons, only marry off one of them and marry your princess only to foreign leaders or keep them as diplomats), you can recruit a lot of non-family generals while still birthing enough generals to keep your family alive. Its like the AI sees your 30 region empire only has 4 family members and tries to give you children.

    In this way, Ive created empires with recruited generals in almost every city/castle while still being able to maintain my family (usually in the capital).
    Just try not to go over the number of regions you have with your generals... plan ahead a little... see that you have a son and daughter about to become of age? Keep a territory un-governed for them. Know what I mean?

    As to the other difficulties you spoke of... youre playing on VH/VH... its designed to be unfairly tough
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