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Thread: Question about seabattle

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    Default Question about seabattle

    Hi there,
    I've wondered why we have now 1 landtroop spread out on 3 ships simultaneously. Never seen this before in a mod. The problem is that we lose actually a great deal of control in the seabattle, because we can only select and attack 1 ship out of the 3, the other 2 are just ignored. This leads to great chaos and does not feel immersive.

    So my question is: why? And: will this be changed in the future?

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    I think immersion was the original motivation for this feature. Its functionality in practice can be called into question. Since it is a creative decision, it warrants a discussion. I'd like to hear what people think before possibly changing the feature. Myself, I haven't played a single naval battle in the mod (sad), so my thoughts would be futile.
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    Only transports should have 3 ships per unit, due to how Attila pulls the ships back from the shore after disembarking you need to cut down the amount of men per ship so that half the unit doesn't jump into the depths of the sea.
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