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Thread: Finally a new Command & Conquer

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    Default Finally a new Command & Conquer

    I hope EA does this mobile app justice.

    Oh yeah, you heard me. It's for mobile.

    Nailed it. gg no re

    I figured I'd buried C&C after the last game, though looks like some part of me was hoping for a new entry into the franchise given the current dearth of RTSs. Really the only reason I'm sharing the link is so I can come back to look at the video's like/dislike ratio.

    I wonder if Battlefront 2 failed to deliver so bad that now EA's throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the wall.
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    Default Re: Finally a new Command & Conquer

    Rest in piss.

    How does EA keep ing up like this?

    My only guess is to "test the water" in order to bring the corpse back to life (again).

    At least Madden is coming to PC (Thank you dark lord EA)

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