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Thread: Question about Raiding/devastation

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    Default Question about Raiding/devastation

    I would probably test this myself if I wasnt so short on time today, but how does raiding work like for Sarumatae (and other raiding cappable factions)

    1. move onto a rebel tile/enemy at war.
    2. dont move for another full turn
    3. get the profit at the start of the next turn.

    does the tile fertility matter? ( so far I ve only parked on medium fertility tiles, provinces without farmes arent beeing able to get devastated....atleast in my expirience)

    do I need to move the character once I ve gained the profit, or do I continue to loot and get the money (basically skip 1. of the procedure).....devastations seems to spread beyond that one tile the character is standing on but I am not certain I ll get the profit. So far I ve allways moved the character once I ve seen the tile he is standing on got devastated.

    I would like to maximize my profits of raiding, so if you like to add things I would like to hear them.

    edit: captains arent able to raid at all? I dont think they are but I just want some conformation.
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    Yes, you have to spend 2 turns in place - you'll see blackening around the tile you're on if you're devastating it. If you stay on the same tile, that spreads further out, but doesn't give you any money after the first.

    The tile itself doesn't make any difference to the income, it's 800 mnai for each tile you devastate.

    At the moment, Captains can raid too, but in 2.35 it's being restricted to just named characters, otherwise you can seriously abuse it.
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    thank you for your awnser, so far I ve allways left some region to the rebels..the one east to Pantipaktion, wenetwa and the small region south/east to wenetwa, so I could raid them with my generals. conquereing them didnt seem to offer much in terms of money.
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    Captains can raid too o.O Woah. The wave of death approaches then. (And probably best that it's being removed, you can still get a ton of money early game as a faction like the Lougiones from raiding with their FMs).

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