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Thread: Easy City Builder games?

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    Default Easy City Builder games?


    Do you know any good and easy to play city builder game? At the moment I don't want to complicate myself with stuff like this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Easy City Builder games?

    Only one I know of is Cities-Skylines, but I think it’s very moddable, so you should be able to modify it however you like.

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    Default Re: Easy City Builder games?

    I would heavily recommend Cities Skylines. The DLC set-up is ridiculous and a clear cash grab, but the base game is great. Modding scene is quite lively.

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    Default Re: Easy City Builder games?

    Prison Architect and Banished are to a degree, but I agree that Cities Skylines is the best.
    Tropico 4 and 5 are alright, but they're pretty much the exact same and there's not all that much to do in em.

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    Go back to the simpler city builder roots of SimCity instead of the complicated ones they make nowadays, add a tech tree, ethical decisions, an everlasting natural disaster you have to survive, and all DLC of 2018 is free. I intended to mess around with it for an hour on Thursday night and before I realized it it was 3am.

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