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Thread: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Released!

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    Icon4 [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Released!

    Divide et Impera 1.2.3 Release!

    --> Download Thread <--

    General Information
    After quite a bit of work and a little bit of waiting, 1.2.3 has been released! This update includes major overhauls to three of the most unique rosters in the game: Carthage, Rome and the Mauryans. It also includes many additions to the campaign as well as a multitude of fixes and changes.

    - This update will work with save games but is not 100% save compatible. Various issues may pop up, like new reform units being unlocked, some buildings being blank spots (should be very rare), and some other smaller concerns.

    - Also, please remember that submods will need to be updated and probably will not work with this release immediately. We will do our best to update them as we can.

    Update Notes

    Roster Overhauls

    Mauryan Overhaul - PREVIEW
    - Almost all Mauryan units have had their appearance updated and multiple new units have been added.
    - Around 20 new models by our new modeller assurbanippal can be seen in this beautiful update, making this the most complete Mauryan roster you will find!
    - New custom reforms for Maurya based on battles with Baktria.

    Carthage Overhaul - PREVIEW
    - All new roster for Carthage that replaces previous units, almost 45 new units in total!
    - Carthage now has a more unique and customized population system and roster along with a Mercenary Barracks system.

    Roman Appearance Overhaul & General Unit Changes - PREVIEW
    - Thanks to the True Legions submod, many Roman and Italian units have had their appearances improved with a lot of new variety and special models added.
    - Along with these changes, many other older units from other factions have also had their appearances improved - especially the Celtic factions. This includes older vanilla textures and units from multiple rosters.
    - Added 2 new Egyptian units - Galatian Cleruch Thorax Spears and Gabiniani (Traitor) Legionaries.
    - Added new Syracuse unit - Core Gastrephetes (crossbows) recruited from siege building.
    - Moved AOR Dart throwers to Macedon to fit better with historical sources.
    - Added new Heavy cavalry unit to Epirus roster.
    - Added new Polybian Praetorian commander unit for Rome.
    - Added New Marian/Imperial variants for Polybolos and Ballista Roman units.
    - Fixed Scorpion is now a Pre-Marian Roman artillery unit while Cheiroballistra is a post-Marian version.
    - Many (most) units now have new historical descriptions in their UI panel, different from their normal unit description.

    Campaign Changes & Additions

    New Resource: Spices
    - An all new resource has been added to the Grand Campaign and Imperator Augustus Campaign - spices. Who will control the spice? The spice must flow
    - This resource has a different system from our normal resources because it comes from region effects in capital regions. It is only produced in the starting capital regions of the Baktrian and Mauryan factions, simulating the Indian spice trade, and in the Sabaean capital simulating their ocean trade with the east.
    - Eastern factions' spice trader forum building and the Seleucid/Baktria Satrapy Palace forum building now require spices to be upgraded past tier 2. However, they also now produce spices after tier 2.

    New Provincial & Special Capitals
    - Pella and Bibracte have been added as new special capitals (new campaign only)
    - Bibracte is the first barbarian special capital and has some unique bonuses for them as well as becoming more civilized looking as it is upgraded.
    - Provincial capitals for all cultures now have new names that reflect various government types and allied state options in their provinces in the spirit of Europa Barbarorum. For example, Rome can choose between a Provincial Roman Capital, a Latin Rights Colony or an Allied State (Amicus Populi Romani). This varies by culture type.
    - All special capitals now have a barbarian version so that the proper siege engine size is used in battles. This won't change how they function or look, its more of a technical change to allow for proper ladder/tower size, etc. It also allows us to add different effects for when a special capital is barbarian, like Bibracte.
    - This means that barbarian factions will have to convert special capital buildings after occupation. It also means in that in save games where barbarians own a special capital, the building slot will be blank.
    - Added new faction specific garrison units to most special capitals when they are owned by the original culture. These include Rhodian slingers for Rhodes, Cretan Archers for Knossos, Athenian Hoplites in Athens, etc.

    New Foreign Quarter Buildings
    - Foreign settlements are now available in various regions that are specific to the culture from that area.
    - These are only in the Grand Campaign for now and are buildable by factions of a different culture. For example, Rome can build a Greek Settlement in Greece, but Greek factions cannot.
    - Some factions, like Egypt and Carthage, can build all settlement types.
    - These buildings improve relations and spread the local culture but also have a negative if dismantled. They are relatively inexpensive and quick to build.
    - Various AOR units now garrison these foreign settlement chains.

    Change Capital System
    - There is now a button that will allow you to change your capital to any region on the map at any time! You will find it next to your faction emblem.
    - Thanks to Litharion for working on this really easy to use and intuitive system.

    Mercenary Recruitment Changes
    - Changed mercenary costs and upkeep. Mercenaries now have 25% higher recruitment and upkeep cost than normal troops.
    - This effectively is a large increase to their cost but a decrease to their upkeep compared to our current system.
    - We made this change so that mercenaries would be less of a temporary hire/drop unit and more of a permanent option as they were historically.

    New Population Effects
    - Some technologies now increase population growth. These can mostly be found in the economic and construction tech trees. Some factions like Carthage, the Successors and Rome also have bonuses to auxiliary and mercenary population types in their military tree.
    - Various cultures now have different base population growth bonuses. For example, Greek cultures get a small base bonus to 1st and 2nd class, while Rome gets a bonus to 2nd and 3rd. This should help add some differentiation between the cultures.
    - Population class 1 is now less impacted by overcrowding compared to the other population classes.

    Other Script Changes
    - Along with our new systems, older scripts have been updated and made more modular.
    - This should help with those making submods and those wishing to edit DeI's various script settings.

    Other Fixes & Additions
    - Fixed a rare crash issue when liberating or subjugating a minor town that hasn't yet been converted by the AI.
    - Changed building upkeep for military buildings and ports to a direct negative to income. Other upkeep kept as a % provincial negative.
    - Fixed some CAI personalities not having proper occupation decision priority settings so they weren't using our different cultural settings. Now Barbarians should be more likely to sack, Greeks more likely to liberate, Eastern factions more likely to vassal and Rome more likely to occupy.
    - Moved gold resource from Caucasia to Armenia province in Grand Campaign. Added timber resource to Caucasia (new campaigns only).
    - Added Great Dam of Marib for Saba, only buildable in their starting capital (new campaign only)
    - Added banditry reduction to Colonia public land buildings and to most barracks types.
    - Added some updated Suebi and Saba noble shield patterns.
    - Fixed thracian major cities missing some AOR recruitment.
    - Fixed multiple region effect bundles missing various effects.
    - Smaller destructible objects in battles now have more hitpoints and won't be immediately destroyed.
    - Fixed Sparta special agoge main city buildings being unlocked for other factions.
    - Changed Boii to Celtic subculture rather than Gallic.
    - Rebalanced some of the upkeep/cost technology bonuses so they are more properly spread out and fit better with each culture.
    - Egyptian Native pikemen now upgrade to their elite version after thorax reforms.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fixed Armenian Medium Cavalry unit having ranged weapons assigned improperly.
    - Fixed some more hoplite units missing longer spear variant.
    - Fixed some unit cards not properly using new entries.
    - Fixed Massalian hoplites having wrong AI recruitment values.
    - Fixed unfaithful wife ancillary missing effects.
    - Moved AOR Campanian cav unit down to tier 2 buildings for Rome.
    - Fixed Bagaudas celtic unit card.
    - Fixed Pontic unit incorrectly having throw javelin ability.
    - Fixed caledonian spear unit incorrectly having fulcrum ability.
    - Fixed Arevaci spear unit missing expert charge defense, Edetani sword unit incorrectly having it.
    - Fixed Germanic youth levy javelin unit having wrong ammo amount and weapon type.
    - Fixed emergent cyprus faction having wrong culture (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Athenian pike unit missing from thorax reforms
    - Lowered chances of AI offering cash to player.
    - Lowered naval debuff a small amount.
    - Moved various Carthage and Egypt naval units down 1 tier for their respective special ports.
    - Increased Pergamon's faction trait bonus to hellenic diplomacy.
    - Fixed having duplicate tier 1 minor town conversion options.
    - Fixed various incorrect attribute groups on multiple units.
    - Fixed some units missing Stamina entries.
    - Fixed Seleucids missing Sarissa Cavalry in higher tier barracks.
    - Fixed various emergent factions and GC Breuci missing proper commander unit entries.
    - Slightly altered Egypt's AI recruitment priorities.
    - Removed various vanilla mercenary entries from some factions in the IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Removed Arabian naval mercenaries from Eastern mediteranean in IA campaign (new campaign only)
    - Fixed 2 Colchis units missing concentrated fire ability.
    - Added loyalty technologies for gallic and daco-thracian factions
    - Removed throw javelin ability from thracian and epirote units that had it by mistake.
    - Changed emergent faction Macrinii and Karana banners so they are unique.
    - Fixed agent "Chieftain" label being mispelled
    - Fixed some cavalry with javelins animations not properly working.
    - Fixed African shield warriors description being wrong.
    - Removed pikes from Syracuse core roster.
    - Fixed egypt female politicians getting multiple political traits (new campaign only)
    - Updated historical character entries so they have less of a chance of conflicting with CA's new spawned characters. Increased time between CA's new spawned characters.
    - Fixed Pontic thureos sword unit having wrong population unit size.
    - Fixed IA Iberia faction using some older units.
    - Fixed sparta having too large population bonuses at higher tiers.
    - Lugii political party names changed to better represent tribes in the area.
    - Fixed a typo in some intro texts.

    - Massive thanks to Little Legionaire and the True Legions submod! Many assets from their great work are included in this update. Members of their team include Attila, Celticus, Solitudo, HighOnTea, Vandamsel and contributors Kaziel, Germansarecoming, Stealth4Life and Hloeric.
    - Mauryan unit ideas and names from svramj, models from assurbannipal
    - Big thanks to sourav for helping so diligently on our unit cards!
    - Shayologo for the destructible small objects values.
    - Thanks to the community and player base for helping to support the mod and continuing to push us to work on new content. Special thanks to our Patreon members who have helped keep the mod going and contributed to our various mod hosting costs.
    - And finally a big thank you to all the members of the DeI team throughout these almost five years who have worked countless hours to put this project together.

    Future Plans
    - This is the final major update of the mod in terms of full roster overhauls and major system additions. However, this is not the end of the mod's development by any means.
    - We have many plans for the future and we will continue to have updates for both the mod and for multiple submod ideas we are working on. These include improved and developed all factions playable submods, hardcore/slower campaign submods, HD/textures submods and new Scenario campaign submods just to name a few.
    - There is also a new CA DLC update coming in the future that will definitely break the mod into a thousand pieces again so we will be here to meticulously glue it back together and make the mod compatible with whatever new campaign is released.
    - We also have some new ideas for mod content for the main mod, so development will continue on it as well! Please continue to leave feedback and help us along with your valuable community interaction. We appreciate it!
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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Will look forward to it very much - thank you.

    Hadn't picked up on one change before - what's the evidence for a 'Polybian Praetorian' unit? Late Marian, certainly, but the guarding of the Praetorium in the Polybian era was entrusted to the Extraordinarii...
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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!



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    Quote Originally Posted by ur-Lord Tedric View Post
    Will look forward to it very much - thank you.

    Hadn't picked up on one change before - what's the evidence for a 'Polybian Praetorian' unit? Late Marian, certainly, but the guarding of the Praetorium in the Polybian era was entrusted to the Extraordinarii...
    The early predecessors of the guards of the praetors and consuls under the Scipio family can be traced back into the 3rd century BC. A more informal version of a bodyguard selected for that purpose. That is what this specific unit is, not the later understanding of the Guard.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Thanks DeI Team!!!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Knock yourselves out guys and remember to post your feedback.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan_Moscavich View Post
    Don't wake the sleeping bear buddy.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    This looks fantastic gentlemen. If I may ask, what specifically are the Mauryan reform requirements? I assume those will be in the guide upon full release?

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    Basically fighting battles against Baktria...I cant remember how many Same as Getae and Nomad reforms.

    Yeah I can make a guide when I get some time.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dresden View Post
    Basically fighting battles against Baktria...I cant remember how many Same as Getae and Nomad reforms.
    Or holding Bactrian territory for X turns ? I'm not sure.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    I think you need to be past turn 100 and have fought atleast 10 battles against Baktria.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Please get part 1 again if you already downloaded the beta, I messed up the Mauryan unit variants so they didn't have the new versions Thats what I get for combining tables at the last minute before release.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    It's been a great week for Total War!

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    Now I'm harder than a Gladius

    Time to start my 200th Roman campaign. Role Playing Intensified

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    didn't Rome used to start with a half decent army in Rome? I only have the two generals in Beneventum and Cosentia with only a couple of units

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Haven't changed starting unit amounts for years, same as they always had.

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    Did you know DEI and Dresden have Patreon accounts?!

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    Default Re: [RELEASE] 1.2.3 Public Beta Release Version!

    "An unexpected death is a death, an intended death - immortality"
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