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Thread: What to do about this game state?

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    Default What to do about this game state?

    I'm playing as the Date, currently allied with the Oda (who have became shogun). The thing is, the Oda are more powerful than me (20 Provinces to 17), and my lands are split. He has access to my lands (indefinite) but I have none to his.

    We're also allied to the Satake (10 Provinces) and Kitabatake (2 Provinces). The only other clan are the Ito (15 Provinces) but the Oda's slowly strangling them out. I have not yet declared war on them.

    This is a domination game so RD hasn't happened yet, but I'm sort of at a loss at what to do.

    Should I start harassing the Oda now? Or attack the Ito until RD? Or something else entirely?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKFrost View Post
    Should I start harassing the Oda now? Or attack the Ito until RD? Or something else entirely?
    Id try to keep peace with him as long as you can, try to gain provinces that sure up your empire. Use ninja, monk to cause problems without military attack on Ora to hurt him financially. Id ask him to join against someone that you would benefit from being wiped out. Id let him lose his empire through fighting before you jump on, or at least a good portion of it. My goal is usually to forget about allies (they suck in s2, and NEVER do what an ally should). when negotiating peace,with smaller lords, have them join all your wars. The more wars your in as an AI makes you more vulnerable to attack. Let everyone kill everyone while you grow your wealth, with wealth you cant lose.

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    Make sure your Naval forces are strong. Full stack Garrison all your Southern Castles, one army in the field. At least 3 strong, full stack armies in the field in the Northern Provinces + Garrisons, these provinces are at present entirely unprotected and extremely tempting for the Ito (or even the Oda). Take the 4 trade nodes in the east, full stack trade vessels on all of them with 3 stronk naval stacks to protect them - then turtle for 30 or 40 turns. You seriously need money. Realm divide will bankrupt you, as is, almost immediately.

    You have let Oda get too strong and your position is perilous. You need money - lots of it or I think you lose soon. Don't move on anyone until you have that sorted, no new provinces unless they are vassals. Trade and economic development in the tech tree.
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    Thanks for the help.

    I ended up guessing that most of Oda's forces are in the Chugoku region and Kyushu, so I broke the alliance with them and put several stacks in my Eastern border. I also established a trade route with the Ito, and then an alliance one turn before Oda declared war on me. I then immediately start taking all of their Kantou holdings.

    Oda tried sieging Harima and Inaba a few times but failed. Meanwhile I saw more action against the Satake in Oda's Kantou holdings than Oda themselves. Kitabatake declared war on me due to RD but I had already blockaded them with three stacks and took them out pretty much immediately.

    The Itou for some reason only tried to launch one naval attack on Settsu, which I was able to intercept. I left Shikoku completely undefended and they never even tried attacking it.

    Oda's last province also happened to be my 60th province.

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